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10 Best Free Mockups for Your POD Site

If you want to start a print-on-demand business or you’re already selling your designs on POD sites and want to step up your game, using a clothing mockup generator is the best choice you can make to save time and money and promote your business like a pro. So here will tell you how you can get the best free mockups out there to boost your sales.

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What You’ll Find: 

Now, where to find mockups is one of the questions people ask when they’re wondering how to start a print-on-demand business. On Placeit’s site, you can find tons of mockups that will be perfect for your print-on-demand shop. Also, you can find the ideal photo mockup for promoting your brand all over social media platforms.

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One of the main advantages of POD sites is that they save you time and money since you don’t have to produce a stock of your apparel pieces and manage to send them to your customers by yourself. So, using a clothing mockup generator to showcase your designs and promote your brand goes perfectly in line with this advantage of your business. Even if it’s a small investment, using a photo mockup will cost you a little money. Still, Placeit has tons of free apparel mockups you can use to put your designs on display with the most fantastic pictures. Here we’ll tell you how to get the best free mockups for the best-selling products on the most popular POD sites.

A disclaimer: Placeit’s freebies change periodically. Remember to check out Placeit’s freebies every once in a while to see what new free apparel mockups are in there for you! If you like one, get it right away because it might not be for free for much longer.

1. Free T-Shirt Mockups

Placeit has over 10 thousand t-shirt mockups to choose from, and place your design to download them. You can find mockups with kids, adults, teenagers, and a wide diversity of models, and you can also find mockups without people. Placeit has apparel videos to showcase your designs on live-action productions featuring real people wearing them. 

You can use studio mockups to showcase your designs in a picture that looks professional and has no other elements but the model, the garment, and your design.

If you prefer to show your design “in action,” you can use a free t-shirt mockup generator featuring people in urban scenarios or at their homes to create a more casual picture to promote your brand.

Or, if what you want is to display the t-shirt with no distracting elements at all, Placeit’s garment-only mockups are just what you need.

You can use any free t-shirt mockup generator from our vast selection. 

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2. Free Tank Top Mockups

On Placeit’s website, you can find a wide variety of tank top mockups that are perfect for the summer season. You’ll find casual tank tops, camisole tank tops, activewear, and even yoga-themed photo mockups. 

Promote your brand’s designs for the summer season with Placeit’s tank top mockups featuring people enjoying the sun and the beach; it’s a great way to create promotional pictures that feel aspirational.

If your designs are more focused on activewear, you can find the perfect mockups to display them on Placeit. Fitness-themed mockups are an excellent choice for designers to create dynamic promotional pictures.

The advantage of garment-only tank top mockups is their versatility. It doesn’t matter the season of the year, your design style, or the use the buyer will give to it; a garment-only mockup will always work for you to showcase your design.

Placeit has tons of free apparel mockups featuring this kind of product.

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3. Free Hoodie Mockups

If you’re selling winter or colder weather garments, you need to showcase your designs on a hoodie mockup. On Placeit, you’ll find over two thousand mockups featuring this product. 

With Placeit’s ghosted mockups, you can have a promotional picture with no distracting elements but a more interesting composition than one with a flat-lied garment. And you can even find sublimated mockups that are perfect to showcase your designs that go all over:

Placeit’s hoodie mockups are perfect for you to showcase your athleisure outfits and promote your brand with the most incredible pictures. Also, if you choose mockups with groups, you can display multiple designs in one photo mockup.

If you want a fun and exciting way to display your original designs, you can try Placeit’s hoodie mockups with illustrations; you will surely catch your buyer’s attention.

Do you want to showcase your design on a pull-over hoodie or on a full-zip hoodie? No problem, we have tons of free apparel mockups with hoodies; check them out!

4. Free Tote Bag Mockups

Tote bags are also one of the most popular products sold on POD sites, and you can find tons of photo mockups featuring tote bags on Placeit. Tote bags are a practical accessory where your design can be perfectly displayed. 

Being an accessory, you can display it with a complete outfit using one of Placeit’s photo mockups that feature wardrobes for different occasions and seasons of the year.


Of course, you can use mockups with models to display your original-design tote bags in real scenarios featuring real people using them for a more inviting picture.

If you choose a minimalistic mockup, you can re-use it repeatedly because you can customize its background to match your design and make it look like a new picture every time.

More and more people want to get personalized tote bags, so come and check our free tote bag mockups.

5. Free Coffee Mug Mockups

Coffee mugs are both home decor and drinkware products, so, understandably, people want to express their personalities on them. Coffee mugs are one of those best-selling products on print-on-demand sites; so, if you’re going to display your original designs on these products, get yourself a print mockup from Placeit. 

Placeit’s indoor mockups feature real people using customizable mugs to add your designs for everyone to see how the final product will be. You can find different mugs, from enamel to color-rim mugs, and drinkware of various sizes.

Use one of Placeit’s coffee mug mockups featuring people. You can create a picture that displays a “happy customer” showing off his mug with your design.

Showcase your design with a mug mockup featuring some pieces of pastries and delicious cookies to create a picture that will make everyone’s mouth water.

Check out Placeit’s free coffee mug mockups!

6. Free Face Mask Mockups

We want to protect ourselves from COVID-19, so face masks have become a daily accessory for most people, which means many of us will like them customized. Selling your personalized face masks on POD sites is a fantastic idea; use Placeit’s free apparel mockups featuring these products. 

Since facemasks are now a daily-use accessory, you can use a photo mockup that features a casual scenario with people wearing it on their way to work. If you make it feel natural, people can imagine how they will look with your original design on their masks.

Now that kids are going back to school, you can take your chance to display your original design with a mockup featuring a boy at a library, for example, and start selling the most fantastic face masks for kids!

Suppose you decide to use one of Placeit’s studio mockups featuring people wearing a face mask. In that case, you can create a promotional picture with a more editorial feeling that makes your design look like a fashionable garment.

Check our free face mask mockups!

7. Free Pillow Mockups

Home decor pieces are one of the most popular items people buy on POD sites; we all want to express our identity and personality in our homes. So creating designs for pillows is an excellent idea if you’re going to raise your sales in your Print-on-Demand shop. 

Showcasing your original pillow designs on a picture featuring a person chilling at home is a great way to express your brand’s warmth and make it more approachable.

You can also choose a mockup with a product shot to display your design with no other distracting elements. Most of these kinds of mockups allow you to customize the backdrop to match your design.

Suppose you want to showcase your design featuring a person enjoying the pillow but with no other distracting elements. In that case, you can choose Placeit’s studio mockups, this way, you can have more versatile content.

8. Free Art Print Mockups

Suppose you’re selling your designs on POD sites. In that case, you need to use mockups to show everyone how your original pieces look as home decor elements. In Placeit, you can find a wide selection of art print mockups with placeholders of different aspect ratios, so you can find the one that works best for your illustration. 

Placeit has art print mockups featuring tons of different scenarios; choose the one that better suits your artwork. ÂżDo you want a photo mockup with a fabulous apartment? ÂżA classy living room? ÂżA neat desktop? You can find it in Placeit.

If you want to make a promotional picture with a more broad usage, try Placeit’s art print mockups with customizable backgrounds; you can even make it transparent!

Use one of Placeit’s photo mockups with multiple placeholders. You can display different art pieces in one picture and create an even more exciting composition for your art.

9. Free Phone Case Mockups

In this technological era, most of us hold a smartphone in our hands for a big part of the day, and, logically, we want to protect our gadgets with cases. 

Suppose you choose to display your original design with a mockup featuring a “happy customer” showing off their new phone case. In that case, people feel like they can trust they will be happy too once they purchase your product.

On the other hand, Placeit’s mockups without people and with customizable backgrounds are the best choice if you just want to showcase your design with no other elements to influence your buyer’s decision.

Placeit has several phone case mockups with multiple upload options, so you can display different designs in one picture and save time and money while promoting your work.

Phone cases are one of the most popular products on POD sites, so if you’re going to showcase your designs on actual cases to promote your work, check out Placeit’s phone case mockups!

10. Free Laptop Sleeve Mockups

Laptop sleeves and cases are trendy on POD sites. Placeit’s print mockups include this kind of product so you can showcase your original designs in casual-looking pictures of people holding laptop sleeves with your original designs! 

Choosing a mockup that features a person using a laptop sleeve to protect their computer is a great strategy to give your potential customers an idea of how safe your product is.

Suppose you want a more “versatile” option. In that case, Placeit has laptop sleeve mockups without people, and you can choose a desktop photo mockup to display your design.

Going for an option with a happy customer is always a great idea because it is aspirational and makes your brand feel trustworthy.

Get the Best Free Mockups Now!

If you’re selling your designs on a Print-on-Demand Shop, you need to start using Placeit’s mockups like signs, mupis, billboards, boxes, notebooks, and more! Our mockups are easy to customize and will be a great ally to deliver amazingly realistic results. Also, don’t forget to check out our library of free apparel mockups that can offer you just what you need. All you need to do is a few clicks to get it done.

Are you creating your own designs? Even if you’re not a professional designer, you can produce your own unique pieces using Placeit’s design templates; Placeit also has tons of free design templates for the print-on-demand business that can help your POD business grow. From T-shirt designs and phone case designs to social media templates, even video generators you can use to create amazing content to promote your brand, check them out now! Just remember to protect your copyright before showing them to the world.

So what are you waiting for? Quit wondering how to start a print-on-demand business and get to produce your own designs and showcase them with Placeit’s design templates and best free mockups. 

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