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Showcase Your Designs With American Apparel Mockups

Customize American Apparel T-shirt Mockups

Want to show your users exactly what they are getting when purchasing one of your products? Placeit has tons of American Apparel mockups to display your designs in a wide variety of garments. Make your audience engage with your brand at a glance with our t-shirt, hoodie and tank top mockups.

Just look at these gorgeous mockups featuring different models wearing American Apparel clothing.

Tank Top Mockup of a Girl with Short Hair Taking a Selfie

Tank Top Mockup of a Girl with Short Hair Taking a Selfie

Check out this template of an edgy girl wearing an American Apparel tank top while taking a selfie near a car!


Mockup of a Young Black Man With Dreadlocks Wearing a V-Neck T Shirt

This mockup of a young black man with dreadlocks wearing a V-Neck American Apparel Tshirt is ideal for you to show a sublimated tee design.


Young Girl Exercising Taking a Selfie with a Tank Top Mockup

This young girl exercising while taking a selfie with an American Apparel Tank Top on is great to show a sports-related concept!


T-Shirt Mockup of a Young Man Talking on the Phone

An American Apparel Tshirt mockup of a young man talking on the phone is a casual image that can display your designs in a realistic way while also adding some stylish shots to your portfolio.


Display your most awesome zip up hoodie design printed on an American Apparel hoodie with this awesome mockup featuring a girl in the street with her face covered.


Dude Wearing Round Neck Tee In Amphitheater Concrete Stage And Red Structure Mockup Video

Utilize this versatile video mockup of a young dude earing a round neck tee from American Apparel while he’s at an amphitheater concrete stage and then near a red urban structure and boost your sales!

This beautiful blonde young white girl wearing a scoop neck tank top from American Apparel is the perfect choice to showcase your latest image design.

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