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How to Add an Image to an iPhone Mockup

Visual content matters a lot. Visuals are vital for your marketing campaign. Why? Because our brain prioritizes images over other forms of information. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. This means visual content will have an impact on your social media strategy simply because it tends to be shared more than anything else.

iPhone 6 mockups allow you to present your new iOS app or mobile responsive way in a unique manner that will create an impact on your consumer demographic, you will be able to provide a real insight on how your app feels and all the possibilities it allows. You can promote your app’s innovative new features and sleek design by displaying it within real-life scenarios with an iPhone mockup from Placeit.

Skip Photoshop and all the hassle it implies by simply choosing to use Placeit instead.

To add image to iPhone just follow these 3 steps:

1. Choose a mockup template from Placeit’s gallery. 

Tip. Use the filters on the left to seamlessly find what you need.

2. Drag and drop your image or type a URL and Placeit will do that for you.

3. Download your file!

Take a look at these beautiful iPhone 6 templates and at these MacBook Mockups with which you can showcase your new app in a professional manner.

iPhone Mockup of an iPhone Lying on Top of a Table

iPhone Mockup of an iPhone Lying on Top of a Table

iPhone Mockup over a Wireframe Notebook

iPhone Mockup Template of a Lady Using Her Smartphone at the Living Room

iPhone Mockup of a Young Girl at the Gym

The right visuals will help potential customers see how the product fits into their life. By captivating them with these images, people won’t just buy products. They will buy tools to enhance their lifestyles. This is why it’s important to create professional visual content. It operates as a compelling visual asset that improves the buying experience for the customer. Don’t forget to check out our latest iPhone X mockups and case uses, and frame your apps in the latest and greatest devices from Cupertino.

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