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7 Creative Ways to Engage Using Instagram Questions

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New Ways to Connect with Your Followers Using Instagram Questions

Instagram has become a very powerful tool for all businesses. No matter how big or small your business is, using social media as part of your marketing strategy is a must. Even if it’s for personal branding or an influencer, learning to take advantage of your account can give a great headstart over your competition.
Instagram Questions is a powerful tool you can use to make brand awareness efforts in order to engage with your audience. Use this appliance to understand what your customer is about, get closer to them!
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This is How Instagram Questions Work


  1. Select the Instagram Questions sticker from your Instagram Stories menu when posting a photo or video.
  2. The default question is ask me a question on Instagram but you can modify it to anything.
  3. To see your follower’s answers, open your story and click the images of the profiles on the bottom left (the ones who’ve seen your story).
  4. Customers can reply as many times as they want.
  5. You can click on “share response” to show your followers that reply. You can see who responds to your questions but when you share answers they username and profile won’t be visible.

7 Instagram Question Ideas to Get Closer to Your Followers


1. Show your Brand’s Values

Use Instagram Questions to show your brand support for causes and engage emotionally with your followers.

2. Conduct a Pop Quiz

You can use “fill in the blank” questions to test your users and see how much they know about you.

3. New Product or Service Feedback

Ask your followers for their thoughts on a new product or service launch. ”Let us know your thoughts on…”

4. Partner with Other Brands

Partner up with another brand (relevant to your audience), to share answers that are relevant to your audience’s questions. For example, let’s say you own an eco-friendly brand and you partner up with a celebrity that is known for working on saving the forest. So they make a question on their feed about tips and tricks to save the forest and then you can share on your own account.

5. Use Your Questions as a Lead Generation Strategy

Send your followers to your blog or website by sharing links when posting answers.

6. Ask for Recommendations

Have fun with your followers, ask for some recommendations like songs, places, food whatever. This shows your brand’s personality and it lets you get to know your followers better.

7. Announce New Releases

Build suspense! “Guess what?”

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A Few Other Tips to Have in Mind for Your Instagram Questions

Customers won’t want to answer your questions daily so use this sticker sparingly. Yes, Instagram Questions is a great tool to use for your advantage but don’t overuse it! Make it special.
For this or that questions, you can use an Instagram Pole, so save your Instagram Questions for more complex doubts. Think which questions to ask on Instagram that will help you get to know better your followers. Remember you are looking for feedback, comments, in general, any emotion towards your brand.

Before Asking Questions, Tell Your Brand Story

Instagram Slideshow Video Maker with Animated Transitions

Before ever thinking which questions you are going to ask, remember that you have to post content and then talk about it. So first of all, you need an ad, an image or a video. Tell your brand’s story using interactive elements! You can take advantage of all of Instagram’s stickers but also, you can upload special assets made by yourself. You can use a slideshow maker, an Instagram stories video maker, make an Instagram poll question design, and more! Simply post interactive stories that allow you to get closer to your audience.

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