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Business Card Mockup Templates

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At Placeit we know that implementing a new marketing strategy to help your promote your latest business idea or newest product can sometimes turn into a time-consuming, stressful situation, and that’s why we are constantly coming up with new alternatives for you to do this! Go check out our wide variety of stock photo mockups to find one that suits your business marketing ideas and leave a lasting impression on your specific target market right away. Placeit’s photo mockups are up-to-date, original images that will let you showcase your ideas within real-life situations. Keep in mind that by making Placeit’s stock photo mockups an essential asset of your visual marketing campaign today, you will finally be able to get your business the attention it deserves. To help you out, at Placeit we came up with a list of the 10 Latest Business Card Mockups for you to start using as part of your business marketing campaign, check them out here:

Mockup of Two Business Cards Lying On Top of a Desk at an Office


Surprise your consumers by updating your visual marketing campaign and get your business the recognition it deserves. This business card mockup features two business cards lying on top of a wooden desk next to an iMac’s keyboard at an office. With this image you will be able to advertise anything you can think of! It’s time you finally make improvements to your marketing strategy and Placeit’s marketing tools are your best option!

Mockup of an Open Envelope Lying Next to Some Office Supplies

Impress clients and viewers by using this beautiful, eye-catching stationery mockup from Placeit. This envelope mockup features an open envelope on top of a desk next to some office supplies with two invitations laying next to it. Personalize this great image and make it your own by just simply dragging and dropping an image onto the template. Marketing tools form Placeit make it fast and easy for you to create exceptional visual content you can start using within minutes! For more invitation mockups click here.

Business Card Mockup of Multiple Cards in an Angled Arrangement

This business card mockup template will become a stunning piece of advertising once it displays your design! All you need to do is drop your image straight onto the business card mockup and Placeit will adjust it to create a compelling piece of branding, it will even adjust the background color to select a shade that will match the colors on your own design! Try using this special effects business card mockup right away and see the magic yourself!

Business Cards Placed Over a Metal Business Cardholder Mockup

Be original and creative with the help of marketing tools from Placeit and make a lasting impression on potential consumers, while at the same time standing out from the competition. This mockup features a stack of business cards placed over a metal business cardholder. Use this business card mockup to advertise your ideas in any way you like, don’t be afraid of being bold! To use this business card mockup just drag and drop an image onto the cards on the template and Placeit will help you with the rest. Keep in mind that besides being a cool way to market your ideas, mockups help you cut down on expensive marketing campaigns!

Mockup of a Woman Placing a Business Card in her Jacket’s Front Pocket

Looking to stand out from the rest of the competition? Then, Placeit’s marketing tools might be the right thing for you. Use this business card mockup featuring a woman placing a business card inside her denim jacket’s front bag to enhance your visual marketing campaign and at the same time make a lasting impression on your target market. All this image is missing is your business image or logo on the business card! To personalize this stationery mockup, just drag and drop an image onto the template and let Placeit do the rest of the work for you. It’s really simple!

Mockup Featuring a Set of Business Cards

Use this mockup featuring a set of business cards to advertise your business in a different, up-to-date way and stand out from the rest of the competition out there on the market. All you need to do in order to start using this mockup is choose an image to display and upload it onto the template so Placeit can resize it for you. Create eye-catching, attractive visual content within minutes with the help of Placeit’s marketing tools and forget about tedious marketing campaigns once and for all!

Business Card Mockup Template at a Corporate Environment

This is a card mockup template that features someone holding a business card in a horizontal position in what seems to be a corporate environment. You will be able to showcase your brand or business in this mockup template by simply dropping the image straight on it. Use this business card mockup template to expose your business for its marketing campaign.

Business Card Mockup Lying on Top of a Wooden Table

This business card mockup is a great tool for you to add as part of your visual marketing strategy. Showcase your latest design or idea on it. To use this business card mockup all you have to do is input a URL address or simply drag and drop an image onto the template so Placeit can adjust it and resize it for you. Could there be an easier way for you to do this? Waste no more time and start using marketing tools from Placeit right away!

Mockup Featuring a Set of Business Cards Lying Next to a Pen on a Desk

When was the last time you made any changes to your visual marketing campaign? Can’t even remember? Then, it might be time to go check out Placeit’s mockups to help you make up your mind. This businesscard mockup features a set of business card lying on top of a desk next to a pen. Use this mockup to advertise your business latest idea or new design and make an impact on the market. Mockups are really simple to use, just drag and drop your desired image onto the template and start enjoying them right away!

Mockup of a Business Card Lying on Top of a Desk at a Creative Office

This stationery mockup features a business card lying on top of a desk next to a computer keyboard at a creative office. Use this beautiful template to advertise your business and finally get your ideas the attention they deserve. To use this mockup all that’s necessary for you to do is drag and drop an image onto the business card on the template and you will be ready to start enjoying amazing visual content right away!

You can also find more business card mockups and a free psd mockup in this blog post.

It’s time to stop your search for original marketing tools and start achieving success right away and what better way to do this than by making Placeit’s photo mockups an essential asset of your visual marketing campaign starting now! If you’re ready to start, check out our tutorial on how to make a business card mockup, it’s super easy and even has a video if you prefer to watch.


Don’t have a business card yet?

Make your own business card in just a few seconds using Placeit’s Business Card Maker! It’s a super easy-to-use tool if you have any doubts watch the following video to see how it’s done!

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