It is amazing how one guy managed to not only spark a dance party, but also get everyone on the internet to analyze his music festival antics. Even Ted Talks had a say in the matter. In the end, everyone had the same conclusions.

1 – Being a Leader

All the authors point out that, sometimes, being a lone nut can work for you. It shows that you are a leader, a visionary, marching to the beat of your own drum. The first lesson we learn from dancing man is how to lead. Who thought this man was a true inspiration?

A true leader can dance.
  • Eugene Cho poses the question “Is this an example of visionary leadership?”
  • The department of education in Washington state said  he “Did something different – challenged the process.  He was bold, took risks, and he didn’t seem to care what others thought” in a lesson plan for high school students.
  • Derek Sivers also did a TED talk and says that the true leader is not the first dancer but rather the one that joins in.
This guy…

2 – Persistence is key

The second marketing lesson from the dancing man is persistence. Apparently, he had been dancing for quite some time, trying to pull in others to join his party.

What the authors say:

  • “Dancing Guy tries to coax the crowd to join him when the song starts. When they don’t, he just keeps doing his thing,” says Eight Leaves, the growing software company.
  • Dark Matter Matters posted “It sometimes takes a while for people to notice what you are doing, so be patient and stay true to your vision while the community is still growing.”
  • “Persistence is key to success on social media networks” says Global search interactive “The Dancing Guy (who’s real name is Collins, from Canada) needs to be persistent for some time in order to start the party. ”

    His vision? Hip thrusts.

3 – It takes 2 to tango and 3 to start party

We can all clearly note that it isn’t until the other 2 guys come in that things start to snowball. What the online community took from that is that followers are key. We love you and need you to be successful.

What the analysts said…

  • “A vibrant community will be acting out a shared vision, and a founder often needs to collaborate with his community in order to truly get their support” is a key point from Dark Matter Matters.
  • Global Search Initiative notes “Only when the offer changed from “weirdo dance” to “fun dancing crowd” people felt the urge of joining in. “
  • Eugene Cho also asks us to think that maybe “the first guy dancing has guts but isn’t the 2nd (& 3rd person) that join him even more courageous?”
This is what courage looks like.

4 – Keep up the party.

Once you have your crowd, things are no longer going to be 100% in your control. This is where you need to make room for growth.

  • Redcatco reminds us to “Keep engaging with your new movement even if the music stops”
  • “On one hand, he had created this instant dance party. On the other hand, a lot of the folks running up towards the end of the video don’t seem to have his passion, courage, and unique dancing vision. As a community leader, you should always attempt to influence rather than control the community you create, ” is what Dark Matter Matters notes.
People trying to fit in.

The more we study him, the more things we learn, even life lessons. However, originality, perseverance and communication with your followers are by far the most important lessons from the dancing man. Keep him in mind when you are starting your company, blog, or just going about your day. Become a dancing man yourself.


The face of success.

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