Many people asked us this question. This is for them

First, the free option is still there. Nothing changed there. If you had used one of the photos for commercial use before and you had not provided any attribution, you were not following the license.

As for why the new model, well

  • Servers with high CPU power are very expensive
  • We want to keep adding more images to our library
  • We want to be able to keep investing more time into Placeit
  • Hardware is not free
  • Many people work on Placeit. Their time is not free

With that said, we get that the pricing maybe out of reach for some of you. We’ll be releasing the subcriptions plans very very soon which will make it much more affordable. 

We’re doing everything in the best interest of increasing the quality of the service every day. It’s very important to us and for the users who care, the sustainability of the service should be as well. 

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