How to Choose What to Show and Say in Your App Demo Video?

Capturing the attention of thousands is the wish of any app manufacturer to convert as many visitors as possible to customers. However, in this digital world filled with so much noise, it’s really difficult to achieve the same. How will you capture the attention of your targeted audience? It is simple.

Making an app demo video is the strongest pillar in promoting your app.

But how do you choose what to say on it? In this article, I will describe the simple steps of making an app video and tell you what you should or shouldn’t include in it.

What a demo video does is introduces people to your app in an easy to understand way. Journalists too prefer demo videos. The reason being they don’t like going through all the material on your site to understand what your app is about.

Step one: Planning

This is the first step of the app demo video in which you plan about the length of the video, the tools needed and the deadline for the video. You will also decide the type of voice you will use and the method of presentation. The ideal length should be between 1 to 3 minutes for an app demo video.

Step two: Writing the script

The script should be written according to the outline. The script should be brief and to the point; typically 200-250 words. It isn’t easy to break down a complex app into 200 words of script. You may be wondering what to present with so little text.

There’s a solution —the storyboard. The storyboard can help you filter your thoughts and help you select the most important ones. Sketching what your app does best with the help of stick figures should bring a lot of clarity to the entire process.

Introduce the compelling features of the app, its benefits to the users and how it works. The script can be written in a humorous way if you want it to sound funny.

What should come first?

It’s obvious that you should introduce the app. But a mere dry introduction doesn’t ensure that people will stick around to watch the video completely. This should be followed by explaining what your app is about. Most people struggle explaining what their app does. The best approach is to describe the problem your app solves and present the app as a solution.

Next, should come the explanation of the most important features of the app. You should explain what makes it different and useful?

  • The sentences should be simple. No exotic vocabulary.
  • Tie the app to an emotion. The emotion could be elicited from the problem that you are trying to solve. If it’s a diet app, talk about the emotion and pain of not being able to lose weight or stick to a particular diet.
  • Tell a story. Since creation man has been telling stories. Today, the form has changed from ancient bonfires and marshmallows to selling goods digitally. Stories can help the customers see the app from your perspective and makes it memorable.

This should be followed by including a Call to Action that spells out what the customer must do at the end of the video.  It acts as sort of a reminder for taking action.

Step three: Choosing the best voice

You can either choose a male or a female voice for your demo video depending on the target market. A female voice may be a better option if your target audience is male.

When addressing the customer in the demo video address them as you. It sounds more personal. Also mention the app’s name several times. This is to make the name familiar to the customer watching the video.

A good place to hire a professional voice actor is Fiverr.

Step four: Recording the video and editing it

When recording the demo video, a silent environment is idyllic. Avoid places that produce echo as they will distort the quality of the voice portion of the video. Speaking loudly and clearly will produce amazing results. You can also cover your head with a blanket to improve the recording quality. If you realize that the voice does not come out clearly, you can edit the voice using Audacity that can be downloaded free.

Step Five: Getting background music

This is an optional but crucial step in your video. The background music will make the video interesting. You can get free music to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses. You should be keen on the type of music that you choose. Otherwise you will spoil the mood of your audience which will make the video ineffective. The music must match with the message presented. Vimeo’s music store is the best source of finding cheap high quality music. Also, make sure that the music doesn’t have lyrics.

Step six: Publishing and sharing the video

Your video can be shared on many platforms. YouTube is the most common and popular platform. Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Vine and other platforms are some of the best sites to share your video.


Much that you would like to capture every seducing feature of your app in the demo video, some features must be locked out.
Most promoters use the demo videos inappropriately and they end up being frustrated in the end. If you want to turn your dreams into realities, ensure that the demo video is brief and captures the important features only; typically 60 seconds.

You should not waste time in expressing things which will not help your visitors.

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