Christmas Hoodie Mockups: The Best Items to Sell During the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to gather with friends and family. You eat, drink and give each other gifts, it’s great.
If you sell your designs on t-shirts or other apparel, the holidays also mean you have to prepare your designs to fit the theme and very likely the change in weather but it doesn’t have to be complicated, here is where Christmas hoodie mockups come into place!

Who doesn’t love to feel nice and cozy during the holiday season in a comfy sweater or hoodie? And what’s better than drinking a hot mug of cocoa while it’s chilly outside. You need to tap into those feelings we all love about the seasons to promote your t-shirt designs.

Seasonal Mockups for Your Designs

On a Hoodie

On a Sweater

On a Mug

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to prepare your designs for the holiday gift items and delight your customers with hoodies, sweaters, and mugs that they’ll love.

Wrap Your Customers Up in Cozy Hoodies

Where Can I Find Hoodies to Sell?

One of the easiest and most neglected ways to prepare for the holidays is to simply take your awesome designs and put them on hoodies. If you use a print-on-demand service then this is a no-brainer, it literally takes a couple of minutes to do on your end and you don’t have to design or redesign anything. All the print-on-demand services below have hoodies just waiting for your designs! Here’s a directory of these print-on-demand sites with tons of information you can use.

Great, How Do I Promote My Hoodies?

That takes care of the actual product part. Next, you’re going to want to promote your comfy new hoodies to your fans. This is where a hoodie mockup becomes your secret weapon. Placeit has loads of Christmas hoodie mockups that are perfect for this. Once again you take the same design and in about a minute you end up with a slick-looking Christmas hoodie mockup that matches what your print-on-demand hoodie looks like.

Done. Now you have a brilliant Christmas hoodie mockup that you can share across your social media accounts or use on your website to entice your audience to click buy. It’s the combination of your awesome design plus a professional mockup that will really make your content and ads stand out! You can click on the hoodie mockups to go to that template on Placeit.

Don't Let Them Leave Home Without a Sweater

Not quite everyone is into the hoodie and for some, a sweater is more to their liking. Give your customers a choice and don’t let them leave empty-handed! Another great holiday gift idea is to turn your design into a crewneck sweater mockup! Placeit has tons of different sweater mockups that are perfect for promoting your designs. Here are just a couple of examples, click on them to go to that sweater mockup.

Two down, one to go. Once you’ve got your customer nice and cozy with their new hoodie or sweater it’s time to turn up those holiday feelings with a holiday mug mockup.

Give Them Mugs That Hold Memories as Well as Coffee

Despite being so small and relatively inexpensive, mugs can easily become a treasured item for your fans. You might not always wear your hoodie or your sweater but you’re probably going to drink something everyday from a mug. In other words, it’s easy to form an attachment to your daily coffee mug and have warm and fuzzy feeling surrounding it. Make sure those feelings are coming from a mug with your designs on it. Here’s a video tutorial that walks you through the steps of making a mug mockup with Placeit. Be sure to check out our guide to using mug mockups to sell more mugs, it includes a list of some of the top print-on-demand companies that can print and ship mugs with your designs directly to your customer for you!

Boom. Done. In just a couple of minutes, you can take the same t-shirt designs your fans know and love and have sweaters, hoodies, and mugs ready for the holidays and gift-giving season. It couldn’t be easier! Great, so now you have a fantastic looking hoodie mockup and mug mockup to share on social media and get your fans excited about your new items, but what if you also want to offer them something a little more holiday-themed as well?

Who Doesn't Love an Ugly Sweater for the Holidays?

If you want to add something a little quirky or more thematic to your collection of t-shirt designs for the holidays, we have two very special t-shirt design templates just in time for the holiday seasons!

Let’s take a look at the ugly Christmas sweater template that makes creating an iconic ugly sweater easy. Here are some examples of what you can create with the template. Once you’ve made one you can add it to your print-on-demand service and make hoodie and crewneck sweatshirt mockups of it as well. That’s how easy it is to add three new holiday-themed products to your store without getting up from your chair!

Lastly, we have a really nice winter holiday t-shirt template that you can use to make some cute holiday-themed t-shirt designs. It features lots of holiday and winter-themed graphics and backgrounds which also look at home on a mug. If you’re looking for great holiday gift ideas, look no further, a crewneck sweatshirt or hoodie with one of these would look fantastic!

Last Words

You owe it to your fans to give them options when it comes to buying your designs and Placeit’s hoodie, crewneck sweatshirt, and mug mockups are the tools you need to show off and promote your new items. Prepare yourself this holiday season with great products and designs sure to fill your customers with holiday joy! In just a few moments you can quickly and easily add three great holiday gift items to your online store for your fans to pick up and all while using the same designs your customers know and love, it couldn’t be easier!

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