What Happens to Unused Credits After Cancelling?

If you are looking to create mockups to promote your designs, products or business, you should know that there are subscriptions that will give you download credits to create mockups at a lower cost per image than single purchases. Signing up for a plan will save you money on mockups and it will also give you additional benefits like discounts on video purchases and additional mockups, free Interactive Demos without watermark and being able to download unlimited high-res mockups with a tiny non-branded Placeit watermark.

How Rollover Downloads Work

The Casual and Pro plans will give you monthly credits for high-resolution image downloads. While under an active subscription, your account will rollover unused downloads from previous months into the next billing period. This means if you are under the Casual Plan and you get 9 credits per month but don’t use them, these will rollover to the next month, resulting in an accumulate of 18 downloads.

Rollover downloads expire 3 months from when they were issued. So if you received 9 credits on August 1st, these will expire on November 1st, when you receive 9 new credits.

What Happens If You Cancel?

When cancelling your subscription, remaining unused credits will expire 1 month after they day they were issued. Let’s say you signed up for the Casual Plan on August 1st but only used 5 credits, on September 1st you will have 14 credits, 9 from the current billing period and 4 remaining from the previous one.

Now, if you cancel your subscription before your next payment date, 4 credits will expire the day you cancel (because they were issued on Aug 1st) and 9 current credits will expire on October 1st, which is 1 month after they were added to the account.


Quick Tip: If your account has accumulated more credits than you can use before they expire, a solution would be to pause your subscription, you can read more about it here.