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9 Tips to Create Your Own Fitness & Gym Logo

T-Shirt Mockup with a Crossfit Logo Design Being Worn By a Strong Man

Gym & Fitness Logo Ideas

Gym Logos

In the past few years, we’ve seen a huge increment in fitness awareness. Healthy lifestyles are on-trend no doubt! This awareness has now widened the market for gyms, fitness centers, personal trainers, CrossFit boxes, and even new kinds of food products, clothing, and more! If you are designing a brand to start in the fitness world, you might want to check out these tips for your Gym Logo. Placeit does all the main design work, resolution, balance, and graphics, you just have to customize it until you get the logo of your dreams. It’s pain-free!

Make an Amazing Gym & Fitness Logo

1. Your Fitness Name

Your brand includes all the aspects of your company’s image, the logo, color, values, message, slogan, fonts, etc. Your fitness company name or your gym’s name is only a part of your brand, choose wisely and think about adding an indicator that establishes what your company is about, like Black GYM,  Red BOX, or Live FITNESS CENTER.

2. What Is Your Inspiring Gym Message?

A logo represents your brand, its principal values, and the message you want to communicate. Your customers will recognize your gym, fitness center, or any other, by your logo and this is why it’s very important that you choose wisely what elements you will include in representing your brand. So what is that message? Think about the most recognizable messages and “just do it”.

3. Identify Your Gym’s Target

Your target includes those people that are active, fit, and constant but it also includes those who haven’t started yet and want to work out too. However, your audience may also vary from all-women to women and men, to just children, or maybe you are giving a class for advanced-age people. So get those specifications straight: gender, age, characteristics, and what area they live in. Also, take a look at your schedule, most mothers work out in the morning while their children are at school, and most typical office employees get to workout at night once they are done with work, these are all considerations that are important to make a logo that fits perfectly your business.
Another thing to consider is if your gym specializes in a specific type of training. For example, if you run a boxing gym or a hockey training center, you’ll want a logo that clearly communicates that.

4. Make Your Gym Logo Consistent

You are trying to make people join your gym and stay there for long… you are supposed to be INSPIRING, and so is your logo. When creating a gym logo, you have to remember your goal is to inspire people because you want them to DO something, so if your logo is dull it will affect your customer’s view of your brand. You should display an image that is cool, active, strong, and powerful! There are tons of different types of logos you can create, so take your time working yours out.

5. What Are Other Gyms Doing?

It’s not only about checking out the competition, which of course is important too, but you should try to be creative and unique, so look at what others are doing, what works and what doesn’t work, and take the best of everything to design your own improved version of a fitness logo, gym logo, or CrossFit logo!

6. Make an Iconic Gym Logo

You want to keep it simple and iconic, it’s easier to identify and remember your Gym Logo when it’s as simple as it can be. However, if your brand is not known yet, you should be very clear on what your business is about, after some time when your brand is recognized, you can evolve your logo into something even more iconic.

7. Choose Your Gym’s Main Graphic

Choose the graphics that better represents your fitness brand, you can be very conservative or inventive! With Placeit’s Fitness Logo Maker you will find many graphics to match any gym or fitness brand you want to design. You can choose from a specific type of graphic, many variations, for example, a feminine body doing yoga, and you can choose from more stylized graphics to more basic ones.

Girl Meditating in Yoga Lotus Position Wearing Custom Sportswear Mockup

8. Create an Attractive Gym Logo

What makes you different from your competition? Think about it… Maybe your answer is the service you provide, the quality, the professionalism. Nevertheless, your brand’s image talks about these things too, be attractive out there, get the professional look, the business cards, and the visuals you need to promote your gym like the pros! Start by using a professional logo. Plus, remember the colors matter, and the fonts matter, these elements can help you make your message clear.

9. Using Your New Gym Logo

Your fitness logo can be used in many applications not only on your door but in flyers, letterheads, clothing, social media channels, water bottles, and more. Keep this in mind when creating it!

Girl Doing Exercises With an Aluminum Water Bottle Template

With Placeit’s Gym Logo Maker you can use a pre-designed template and customize graphics, fonts, and colors, to get a great logo with very little effort! You will get a high-resolution PNG image you can use anywhere like tank tops, water bottles, banners, you name it! You can even use your logo’s elements to design a professional flyer for your gym. Get a professional-looking logo without any special editing skills or even hiring a designer, and it’s very fast too, in a minute you’ll have your personalized logo, so start now!

Are You Opening a Healthy Food Business?

Complement your fitness business with a healthy brand for your snack bar, your food store, and your salad food truck. You can use Placeit’s Organic Logo Maker to create super fresh logos right away!

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