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Not Using Your Account? Don’t Cancel, Pause Instead

For all our monthly subscribers:

We know that once in a while, you may have some inactivity periods or simply won’t be using Placeit for a time. However, that doesn’t have to be a reason to permanently cancel your subscription and lose all the benefits of using Placeit. That’s why we offer you a temporary solution that will allow you to pause your subscription for a month without being charged and then resume on a regular basis.

Details in Regards to Pauses:

  • It only applies to monthly plans.
  • You can only pause once every 12 months.
  • To pause, you need to have had your account active for a minimum period of 3 consecutive months.
  • Pauses last for one month, so you’ll skip one billing cycle and resume later. 

Here’s an Example to Make This a Bit Clearer:

Let’s say you enrolled in a subscription on January 27. By March 27, your subscription has been active for 3 months, which means you can pause it without being charged and keep all your designs.  

How to Pause Your Subscription?

  1. Go to the My Account section on
  2. Scroll down and select “Cancel subscription
  3. Select “My project ended” as the reason.
  4. Click on the “Pause for 1 Month” button.

Notice how when pausing, Placeit gives you the exact date your payments will be resumed, so you don’t miss it.

Pro Tip: Switch to the Annual Plan!

With our annual plan, you no longer need to worry about pausing your account. Pay once and enjoy the whole year; forget about putting your plan on pause and manage your account as what fits you best; your account, your rules. Rather invest your time browsing our huge library! There are tons of new mockups, designs, and video templates to try out, so be sure to spend some time checking them out. We’re sure you’ll find loads of new opportunities awaiting in our ever-expanding libraries.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please email



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