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+70 Space Shirt Design Ideas Out of This World!

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Space Shirt Designs Header

From vibrant constellations to intriguing cosmic enigmas, the universe holds extraordinary mysteries that have captivated the imagination of people everywhere. With National Space Day on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to explore new frontiers by infusing these galactic wonders into your merch. Take your audience on a stunning journey and skyrocket your sales with the best space shirt design ideas for your store! Ready to take off on this adventure? Keep scrolling! ✨🚀

💫 Like a shooting star streaking across the sky, National Space Day is fast approaching! Mark your calendar for Friday, May 3rd, 2024.

3, 2, 1, Lift-off! Choose Your Destination 🚀

+70 Space Shirt Designs to Launch Your Store Infinity & Beyond! 🌙🪐

Looking for futuristic flair or galactic glam? At Placeit by Envato, we have space shirt designs for just about every style and theme you can think of. That’s why, in this section, we’ve compiled some of our favorite out-of-this-world templates for you to customize and download instantly. Without further ado, let’s dive into this cosmic selection:

1. Too Cool for This Planet: Alien T-Shirt Designs 👽🌎

Whether they’re traveling on futuristic spaceships or conquering other planets, these mysterious characters have literally taken over the world on mainstream media. Their enigmatic appearances on TV shows, movies, cartoons, books, and comics, have fuelled a fascination for all things extraterrestrial. Or, should we say flex-traterrestrial? Jump into this cosmic craze with unique alien shirt designs that match this intergalactic flair!

☄️👽 Explore more alien merch and designs with this UFO-inspired collection!

Interstellar Insight: Are you having second thoughts about how to include alien t-shirt ideas in your store without diverging from your brand’s overall theme and style? No worries! You can adapt your space shirt to your chosen niche or theme by exploring different designs. 

For instance, you can opt for a funny alien shirt featuring a cartoonish character for a lighthearted laugh or tap into the eerie and unknown with spooky illustrations. With Placeit, the possibilities are endless!

2. Space Legends: Astronaut T-Shirt Designs 🧑🏻‍🚀️💫

National Space Day highlights the extraordinary milestones of scientists, engineers, astronauts, and fellow STEM professionals who inspire us to reach for the stars. At the same time, it encourages young dreamers to pursue space-related careers. So, this is a great opportunity to showcase space shirt designs featuring inspiring quotes that align with the enthusiastic spirit of this date. Take a peek at these astronaut shirt ideas to ignite your creative spark! 🤩

🌔 Lunar Lesson: Boost excitement around your astronaut shirt designs by sharing a teaser campaign on social media and promoting this merch as an exclusive line. You can accompany your strategy with blog posts, videos, and on-theme content such as fun facts, profiles of important astronauts, and trivia around space-related topics. The overall idea is to pique curiosity among your audience and boost those numbers! 🚀

3. Into the Unknown: Cosmic T-Shirt Designs 🛰🌌

Dive into the secrets of the cosmos with a space shirt design as captivating as the mysteries of the universe. As we mentioned before, the space theme offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to stunning, unique designs. Besides the usual go-to imagery, such as planets and constellations, why not tap into the unknown with visuals that explore topics such as dark matter, black holes, and parallel universes? It’s all about thinking outside the box!

🚀 Want to launch your store to new heights? These are the best niches for POD sellers!

✨ Cosmic Cue: Colors can be your best ally when creating space shirt designs that embrace the enigmatic and captivating vibes of cosmic mysteries. For example, you can use deep shades of blue, purple, or black to create a backdrop that’s the perfect canvas for swirling galaxies. 🌌

Continue by adding vibrant shades like neons, gradients, or metallic hues. This will create a contrasting accent that enhances the mysterious allure of your space-themed shirts. Want to learn more tips and insights for your next design? Dive into this fascinating universe with Colors by Placeit! 🪐🌟☄️

4. Lunar Laughs: Funny T-Shirt Designs 🌙🛸

Want to give National Space Day a fun twist? Then, these designs are the way to go! With colorful hues, lighthearted quotes, and cartoonish illustrations, your t-shirts can really spark joy in every enthusiast’s heart and bring a smile to their faces. From aliens doing funny antics to astronauts’ shenanigans on a moon shirt, these templates got it all. Say hello to some interstellar humor with these options! 👽

Top-Notch Pointer: Using humor to craft space shirt designs lets your creative side take center stage! For example, you can include humorous quotes, puns, and wordplays featuring alien themes and other intergalactic characters. Maybe a galaxy cat shirt? 🐈

Besides pointing out silly situations in your space t-shirts, you can create parody designs based on iconic movie posters and other pop culture references, just like the space cat shirt shown above. Tap into popular memes, TV shows, and films to make your designs engaging and entertaining for your audience.

5. Starry Delights: Galaxy T-Shirt Designs 🌠🪐

Have you ever heard that the sky’s the limit? Well, not in this case! Of course, this space shirt selection wouldn’t be complete without stunning designs including celestial bodies and cosmic landscapes. We’re talking about top-notch visuals and illustrations showcasing stars, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, nebulas, star clusters, and all things galactic.✨ Embark on a space odyssey with these ideas by Placeit:

💫 Astral Advice: To ensure your galaxy t-shirts maintain their visual appeal, prioritize choosing high-quality printing techniques to capture the intricate details and vibrant colors of your space designs. Don’t know where to start?🤔 No worries, we’ve done the research for you! Feel free to check out this guide where we cover the best printing methods for your POD store.

6. Cute & Cosmic: Kawaii T-Shirt Designs 🌈😍

This lovely aesthetic embraces dreamy elements and cute characters to create charming designs. From smiling planets to fluffy pals accompanying your galaxy shirt ideas, this style is perfect if you’re looking to sprinkle some magic and add a playful spin on National Space Day. Moreover, it’s also a great option to go for if you want to tap on merch and gifts catered towards children on this inspiring date. 🌏😀

😀 Make it stick online! Turn your designs into fantastic sticker merch with this guide.

🌞 Pro Tip: Wondering how to ace the kawaii aesthetic in your space shirt designs? We have you covered! Incorporate adorable characters such as animals, inanimate objects, and emoticons with expressive faces to infuse an endearing personality into your templates. For your color palette, opt for pastel hues like baby blue, light pink, and mint green to convey the idea of softness. 🧸

And what about the typography? Use doddle-style and rounded fonts to showcase the playful and bubbly vibes of the kawaii style. Want to make even more font-tastic combinations? Don’t miss out on Font Pairing Made Easy: A Guide for Non-Designers! ✏️

7. Straight From the Screen: Movie-Inspired T-Shirt Designs 🎞🍿

Whether it’s an adventure that takes place in a galaxy far, far away, or a racing battle against mysterious creatures, some stories have conquered the hearts of audiences worldwide. That being said, the movie niche offers a great venture to create space shirt designs inspired by fan favorites and the iconic characters that have graced the big screen. For instance, how about a Star Wars shirt or an Alien movie shirt to skyrocket your numbers? 🚀🤩

Golden Advice: Wondering where to gather inspo from? While you can always include popular film franchises, don’t limit yourself to just the big names. Remember, there’s a galaxy of opportunities! So, keep an eye out for cult classics, upcoming sequels, and reboots to identify unique ideas for your space shirt designs (movie edition!). Of course, consider which type of features align best with your target audience and brand.

8. Time Traveling Delights: Retro T-Shirt Designs 🪩✨

Buckle up, cause we’re about to travel back in time with this space shirt selection!🚀 The retro aesthetic thrives on bold, vibrant color palettes that pair up incredibly with galactic landscapes to get your groovy vibes on. From sparkly metallic accents to eye-catching illustrations featuring spaceships, planets, and cosmic explosions, there are tons of design ideas you can explore. Want to get your creative mojo on?✨ Catch a glimpse of the retro t-shirts you can personalize with Placeit:

🪩 Groovy Guidance: The retro aesthetic is making a comeback in fashion, video games, and overall media. It thrives on a sense of nostalgia and fascination for the trends that defined past generations. For instance, Y2K is striking with retro-futuristic designs! 

As a POD seller, this is a great opportunity to showcase custom retro t-shirts with personalized designs that remind customers of cherished memories. For instance, you can add quotes, pop culture references, and vintage graphics to truly give your designs a unique appeal.

9. Stellar Style: Sci-Fi T-Shirt Designs 🤖🧪

Onto our next space shirt collection! Sci-fi takes the power of imagination into new realms with dystopian worlds, futuristic cities, and sleek characters such as robots and androids. Needless to say, this is a fan-favorite for many, as this genre has inspired countless books, films, TV shows, and, of course, fashion items. Placeit takes all these elements to create unique, bold, and cutting-edge designs featuring this theme. Let’s take a look at them!

🔬 Key Insight:  With Placeit, you can customize all your sci-fi shirts to give them a futuristic flair that perfectly matches your desired aesthetic. See a space shirt template you love? Besides changing the text, font pairings, and colors, you can switch the main graphic by using specific keywords that align with your search. For example, you can type in “sci-fi retro-futuristic” to explore sleek and innovative illustrations! 💫

10. Minimalist Martian: Text T-Shirt Designs 🔤✏️

Custom text t-shirts are an incredible option for those looking for a more minimalistic approach to their apparel. After all, the great thing about this type of design is its versatility. As we’ve mentioned in some of our previous blogs, font pairings can convey different emotions, personalities, and styles. From urban to futuristic, there are tons of aesthetics you can showcase with your space t-shirt ideas! 💫

🚀 Insider Tip: With Placeit, there are more than 15,000 fonts to choose from to make font-tastic matches! If you’ve already checked our Font-Pairing Guide, chances are you have your favorite combinations by now. Integrate them seamlessly into your space t-shirts by saving your preferred typography options with the star ( ⭐️) symbol next to it. That way, you’ll be able to preview and select it instantly for your next designs. 😌

11. Galactic Glam: Trendy T-Shirt Designs 🌃🤩

As a POD seller, staying on top of what’s buzzing is a must for keeping your merch relevant and appealing to your audience. Now, here are the good news! At Placeit, our expert team is constantly adding new designs to our T-Shirt Library. Whether there’s an upcoming movie release or the latest style going viral on social media, you can browse through our “Trending” category to pick out the most popular templates for your brand. 

➡️ For example, here’s a sneak peek of space cowboy shirt designs to go yee-haw! 🤠🐴

🔥 Stay on top of your creative game with 14 Design Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2024!

💡 Helpful Hint: Wondering where to research upcoming trends for your space t-shirt designs? Grab your detective glasses!🔎 Remember to monitor social media for viral content and popular hashtags. Additionally, you can always check out forecasting platforms such as Trend Hunter and TrendWatching to gain insights into all the cutting-edge and innovative ideas that are gaining interest among audiences worldwide. 🌐

🚨 Bonus Alert! AI Space Shirt Designs 🪄

Throughout this adventure, we’ve talked about how the world keeps evolving and the impressive contributions people make towards the future. In light of this, we couldn’t wrap this space shirt selection without mentioning the power of AI. At Placeit by Envato, we’ve embraced this cutting-edge technology to step up the design game. So, we’re beyond excited to give you a sneak peek of our curated AI shirt collection, space edition! 🌌🪐🌟

But that’s not all! Besides eye-catching, innovative designs, Placeit also has top-notch AI tools for your next design project. Simply choose the option that best suits your needs and watch how the power of AI enhances the creative process for you.

✨ Brand new!

Remove the background from any JPG or PNG picture with just one click.

⏰️ Coming soon!

Turn any JPG or PNG pixel-based image into high-quality vector graphics.


⏰️ Coming soon!

Make your small images four times bigger without losing quality.


How to Customize Your Space Shirt Design With Placeit 💫

Eager to choose the ultimate space shirt design to launch an out-of-this-world collection in your store? Great! Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on how to personalize your template with Placeit:

1. Head over to Placeit and on the navigation bar click on Designs > Apparel & Print > T-Shirt Designs.

2. Once you’re in our T-Shirt Design Library, click on the Space tag to browse all our cool, cosmic designs, like an alien, astronaut, or moon shirt.

3. Select the template that suits you the best, there are more than 400 options to choose from! Plus, our expert team is continuously adding new designs every day.

4. Click on the space shirt design you prefer. You’ll be redirected to Placeit’s editor where you’ll be able to personalize your template and preview it in real-time.

5. Now, the fun part begins! Customize your design by changing the fonts, colors, and text until it matches your vision.

6. Once you’re done personalizing your space shirt design, click on the “Download” button at the top right side of the page.

Remember, you can change your template’s main graphic by clicking on the “Edit” option and using keywords to search for specific illustrations or upload your own images. Additionally, you can include new text and graphics by clicking on the “+Add” button at the bottom of the editing features.

➡️ Downloading Your Design

Now that you’ve got your space shirt design ready, there are two options for downloading it:

Purchase it individually. Or,

Obtain a Placeit subscription to get your space shirt design and access all our templates, logos, mockups, and branding assets with unlimited downloads. 

Once you’ve selected the best option for you, you’ll be able to get your template in high-resolution PNG format. Now, why not go one step further and skyrocket your space shirt designs with stunning, futuristic mockups? Let’s jump over to the next section!

Launch Your Space Designs With Placeit’s Mockups 🚀

With Placeit’s mockup generator, you can showcase all your space shirt designs and alien merch with stunning, professional images. From movie-inspired settings to futuristic backgrounds, we’ve got every type of template your brand needs to get into the galactic vibes for National Space Day. No need for expensive photoshoots or buying props, everything you need is in one place! 💫

Want to take your inspo up a notch? Catch a glimpse of some of our favorite space-themed mockups ✨

Stellar Send-Off: Wrapping up Our Space Journey! 💫

Well, it’s been a journey! As you can see, there are tons of themes, styles, and aesthetics you can include in your space shirt ideas. Imagination knows no boundaries when it comes to these intergalactic adventures! 🪐 

Plus, with Placeit by Envato, selecting, customizing, and getting the perfect design is as effortless as floating in zero gravity! No need for complex editing software and tools. Just explore all our professional templates and get ready to launch those sales into outer space! 🚀

Now, we want to hear from you! Are there any other t-shirt design collections you’d like to see in the future? Drop a comment below to let us know! Till next time. 😀

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