At Placeit, we know that sometimes it is important to keep track of each transaction on our bank accounts or credit cards. Although you will receive invoices by e-mail, sometimes you will need to revisit old charges for accounting purposes. Luckily, we have created a central hub where you can find and download every invoice in your history with us.

Follow these easy steps to find a history of all your invoices and links to download each one as pdfs.

The Account Panel

Your account panel is the central hub to find any information related to your subscription and billing. To access it, log in and click on your e-mail at the top right.

After logging in, you can access your account by clicking on your e-mail

Clicking that will reveal your Account Information. In this area you can find:

1. Your remaining credits
2. Every invoice that has been generated, with links to download them

Your invoices are saved in your account panel.

However, you may find yourself confused with the billing info or in need for a customized invoice. Worry not. You can email us ( and we’ll be glad to help.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on this simple process:


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