How to Record a Demo Video From a Marvel App Prototype

If you have built a Marvel App prototype and would like to show your flow in a video, you can easily do this with Placeit Video. First, you will need a preview of your app ready. You can use this tutorial to learn how to do that. Once you are on the preview screen, you are ready to record your video.

Follow these steps to record your prototype.

  1. On Marvel, click “Play” in Marvel App (top right menu).
    Marvel - Example
  2. On Placeit, choose a fitting template for your app. In this example, we chose iPhone 6 at the Gym With Gestures because we are using the sample fitness app provided by Marvel. Make sure it’s a video template.
  3. On Placeit, click “Record Your Screen”
  4. You will be prompted to select the area you want to record. In this case, select the whole Marvel iPhone screen (but not the whole iPhone case).
  5. Click the Recordit icon on your menu.
  6. Record your gestures. Leave some space between each click.
  7. Click the Recordit icon again to stop.
  8. Click continue to preview your recording. It will first show up without gestures. Click “Looks Good”.
  9. Preview and download your final video.

If you’re having issues with steps 3 through 8, click here.

Here’s a small video of the process:

And here is a video we created using this process. If you have any quesions, we’ll be glad to help!

Note that if you are using Invision App, you can follow the same tutorial. You will see a slightly transparent circle instead of your mouse. Don’t worry, this will not be in your final video.

Placeit can create a beautiful app demo video for you. Give it a try!