How to Record iOS Apps for Placeit Video

How does it work?

To use Placeit Video to record your app, you have to run your app on your computer as opposed to using some sort of mirroring software to show what’s running on your phone on your computer.

Once you have your app running, you just record your screen (using Recordit). Placeit then takes those mouse movements and turns them into gestures.

So below we show you a few ways to get your iOS app running on your computer.

If you’re a developer

You can run your app in Xcode’s iOS Simulator and just record your screen using Recordit. If you’re not familiar in how to use iOS Simulator, please watch this video.

If you don’t want to use iOS Simulator for some reason, we suggest using the Appetize method (outlined below).

If you’re a non-technical (2 ways)

Method 1: Using Appetize to Run Your App in the Browser (Simple)

Ask your developer to upload the iOS Simulator build to Appetize. Once the app is uploaded, Appetize will email you a link to be able to view your app in the browser. Once your app is in the browser, you’ll be able to record your screen using Recordit. Appetize is free for the usage you’ll need with Placeit.

Below is a video to show you how this is done.


Method 2: Sharing Your iOS Simulator (More Complex)

We’d only suggest going this way if you really really don’t want to go with the first method.

In this method, your developer is going to send you an iOS Simulator build that you can run on your computer. You (the recipient) would be able to open up iOS Simulator and run the app in there without running the full Xcode project. Please ask your developer to follow this tutorial first, so you have the app on your computer. You will also have to download Xcode (free) because it comes with iOS Simulator.

If you need further help, please email us.