Free Mockups are Overused
Here's Why You Should Avoid Them

Ever have a sense of déjà vu while shopping online? We’ve had it too, and it’s probably due to the blatant overuse of stock images. Don’t believe us? We went ahead and took a sample of the most popular free mockups around the web that had been used time and time again to give you some examples.

Did you know that the “Black iPhone Shot from a Weird Angle” mockup is used in a religious podcast as well as in an erotic app?

Erotic Page
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Ironic, don’t you think?

Even though mockups are a great tool to display and promote an app or website, often, free mockups are given away and end up being overused by designers and marketers until they lose their uniqueness.

Take a peek at some of the free mockups overpopulating designer portfolios and landing pages all around the web.


Click on the bullets to see the most popular free mockups, then click the arrow to flip them and learn more

Hand Holding iPhone Over Table Mockup


Found in Google Image Search: 290 times

What does the prince of Saudi Arabia, a horse food company and a redemption church podcast have in common?

Avoid weird comparisons by being careful with the mockups you use.

No original link found

Man Looking at His iPad Mockup

Über Mich

Found in Google Image Search: 330 times

Used for videogame promotion, digital art display, and a many other apps.People who have picked this design use it to show how the final iteration of an app will look like.

This free mockup first appeared here

iPhone 6 on man's hand mockup

Prince of Arabia

190 occurrences in Google Image search

Toilet repairs, islamic apps, local drinking deals and broken voice recorders are a few samples of products and services promoted with this mockup.

Lady Using iPhone Over Laptop

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420 occurrences in Google Image search

This one has the particularity of being used almost always with the same screen image - regardless of the product! So you can see all the trading index graphs in there promoting a music app, office rentals or nail salons with the exact same image. Not great.

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Man writting on iMac Mockup

Kind of Tinder

560+ occurrences in Google Image search

This MacBook mockup first came without layers in the PSD files, but it didn’t stop lots of not particularly skilled peole pasting some image on top of it with funny results. It seems another program rather than Photoshop was used to create a mockup in a rush.

No original link found

iPad at Office Mockup


260 occurrences in Google Image Search

This mockup was used to show some company’s development team, a coloring app and on various landing pages. It used to be part of a bundle, but the original source is no longer available.

No original link found


Facebook Cover


Erotic Mockups


Erase Your Friends


Author Barber

Of Purchases Are Influenced by Visuals

Don’t let customers slip away because of low quality visuals that have been used over and over around the web.

When using mockups keep in mind to:

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MacBook Mockup
iMac Mockup
iPhone X
iPad Mockup

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