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Placeit Joins Envato


So Placeit joins Envato! In the four years since my team and I launched Placeit, I’ve personally read virtually every customer email and voicemail transcript. The most common requests? More templates, and more affordable access.

A service like Placeit only gets successful by listening to real customers. So when you say something, that’s where we put our efforts.

Over the years we’ve had a lot of companies ask about buying Placeit. And I always ask myself, will this company help us do a better job for our customers?

Do they get creative content? Will they believe in investing in more templates? Would they give us the muscle and intent to lower our pricing? For a long time the answer was always no.

Until one day Envato came calling, and the answers were all YES.

That’s why, today I’m happy to announce that we’ve agreed to join Envato!

If you’re not familiar with Envato (best known for ThemeForest and Elements), here is a link to learn more. They run the world’s largest creative marketplace, and help millions of people get creative projects done – from setting up a WordPress theme to adding music to their videos.

Most of these acquisition posts are all about a bunch of fluffy stuff that you don’t care about so I want to cover what matters to you.

The core of this partnership is about:

  • Creating a lower price point that we just released a few weeks ago.
  • Increasing our rate of publishing new templates – so far this month we’ve published 974 new templates & mockups.
  • Making our Smart templates, smarter.
  • Experimenting with new features faster than before.
  • Getting into new areas such as Logos, Videos and more complicated designs while keeping our simple interface that you know and love.

I’ve actually admired Envato since their earliest product FlashDen (also see). And we’ve used Envato products in Placeit like our image cropper and our blog’s WordPress theme. Meanwhile, Envato’s Founder and CEO Collis (Envato CEO) isn’t just a longtime Placeit user, but he and I have collaborated on products from back in the pre-Placeit days of our CMS plugin, Flutter. More importantly, we’re both product founders who get online creative content.

As of today there are more than 10 million Envato account holders that can login to Placeit without having to sign up separately. That’s pretty cool!

Usage of Placeit has already been growing significantly. But even with more than a quarter million users and millions of templates sold, we’re just getting started. Now that we’ve teamed up with Envato, we plan on giving you many more templates and wonderful features under one affordable plan. In the last month we’ve unveiled a completely redesigned site, new features like presets and related templates, and we’ve got a ton of more stuff on its way.

A business is really nothing more than a promise that is delivered on every second of every day. Thanks for giving us a try and trusting us with your time and hard earned money. We treat it very seriously.

Lastly, there are too many people to thank to help us get here but I have to especially thank all the amazing people that stuck with the company as we transitioned from an agency to a product company. Without you guys, I probably would’ve just given up.

Thanks for reading.


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