Build Hype for Your
New Business with a
Teaser Video!

Just thought of a great idea? Are you starting a new brand or a great project? Launch your product successfully with a striking teaser video!

Tease your audience, investors, or potential buyers and interest them your idea and convince them to be part of your project. Get the money for your idea with a powerful business pitch! Pitching videos is one of the most important elements of your presentation! So let’s get into how to create an compelling video pitch:

5 Tips to Master Your Teaser Video

  1. Make a fluid video. We know about dramatic pauses but, you don’t want to bore your viewers! 
  2. Remember you are dealing with users with a short attention span so we would recommend you try to keep it to one minute max.
  3. Use a relaxed tone. Think of it as if you were talking to a friend that is just across the coffee table.
  4. Keep it simple! Clear messages always have way more positive results than complicated, metaphoric, life-challenging riddles. 
  5. If you are going to record yourself, find a clean room (no distractions) and upload good quality audio.

“If you’re ignoring online video, you’re literally missing billions of opportunities to engage with people.”

What Info Should You Include in Your Teaser Video?

  • Start your pitch opening with a line that engages your audience and tells your story in short sharp sentences.
  • Tell the story behind the project and connect emotionally with your viewers by showing them your process. 
  • What problems can you solve? Take advantage of this promo video maker to tell your viewers which problem your idea is targeting. 
  • Use metrics with compelling research about the solutions you can offer.
  • Display an industry overview and the competitive landscape.
  • Describe your business and products or services it offers to customers.
  • Present a financial summary since many investors will want to know your financial profile before they even think about joining.
  • If you are pitching a new product, make a demo video! A demo video is a visual teaser of the product capabilities, it shows what its potential will be.

Get Others to Tell Your Story with Testimonial Videos

Make videos to back up your story! Showcase your past projects, your expertise and your quality from an external view. Make testimonial videos with your best customer reviews from your last projects. This definitely raises your level of credibility when pitching a new idea! If you don’t have any testimonials, you could try a demo of your idea on a tiny group of people and ask for their reviews. Making testimonial videos is super easy too since you can use the same video maker tool!

Play Your Videos to Amaze Everyone!

We have the perfect tool to make all kinds of videos to push your brand forward like a pro! With Placeit’s video creator, you can make amazing visual content for your brand’s website and social media! Make engaging Youtube Videos, Instagram Story Videos, Tutorial Videos, incredible Slideshow Videos made in minutes with our Slideshow Maker! Browse through these templates and discover everything you can do.

“This was very helpful for my project! Thanks to Placeit’s teaser video maker my pitch looks super pro!”
Lacey Boone 5/5
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