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My Placeit Is Here! Let’s Learn How to Use It!


My Placeit: How to Use My Placeit

Placeit is proud to present your own space to organize, save and re-visit every template you’ve ever messed with. You can now keep every project and design you are working on within an organized folder. But let’s go over everything you can do with your “My Placeit”. 

Needless to say, you must be logged in to your account to manage My Placeit.

What You’ll Find:

Organize All of Your Favorite Templates in Folders!


Whether you are organizing your designs by project, style, use case, design type, or anything else, you can now organize all your files in different folders! Simply makes your life easier, doesn’t it? 

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Save to Your Folders

You can now save any template you edit to your own My Placeit folders! Simply click on the “Save To” icon on top of your image and voilá!

Move to Any Folder: for a Better Organization

Ok, so you’ve started saving your templates but you’ve decided to create new folders or simply you’ve changed your system. No problem! You can also move your templates into other folders as much as you need.

To move your templates from another folder into a different one, simply choose the option “Move To” on top of your image.

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Save Your Drafts: Make a Copy

You can make a copy of the current state of your template! This is great in case you want to use the same template with slightly different variations while keeping the base edits you just did.

To save a copy of your template click on the “make a Copy” icon on top of your image.

Save Your Favorites

This one you know it. Works just like on social media like Pinterest or even TikTok. Anytime there is something you really like and you want to check it out later, all you have to do is save your template using the little heart-shaped icon on top of your image. Your “liked” templates will always be available for you to go back to at any time.

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Closed a Window by Mistake? Open “Recently Edited”

Closed your tab by mistake? No worries! You can always go back to your last edited templates on My Placeit. There is a section literally called “Edited”. Where you can get back to your image even if you didn’t get a chance to save it.

Still, Need Help? Contact us!

This basically covers it up! However, if you still have questions, you can always contact us! We want to help you! You can also leave a comment below.

Remember that Placeit by Envato allows you to create stunning logos, designs, videos, and more. Whether you are checking out this new feature to organize your Placeit logo, or you are a heavy user of Placeit mockups, My Placeit will definitely make a difference on your account!



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