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Make a Restaurant Logo That Is Totally Sweet

restaurant logo

Learn How to Design a Beautiful Restaurant Logo In Seconds!

restaurant logos

So you are a foodie thinking about transforming your cooking hobby into an official business, so you’re probably looking for charming ideas to make your perfect restaurant logo design that best fits your new brand!

Your logo is the single most important mark for your business identity, so… you could say it is a big deal. Having a high-quality logo is essential to your restaurant. So, where to begin?

The Fundamentals Of Opening A Restaurant

Once you’ve cooked your restaurant’s name, the rest is easy… take a look at our business logo makers where you can customize your own template to get the logo you’ve been dreaming of. In just a few minutes you can have a new logo, the only thing you need is your creativity!

Get ready to attract those hungry customers with your new tasty image


Do’s & Don’ts When Making A Restaurant Logo

  1. You don’t have to actually use the word ‘restaurant’ in your logo, however, visual references will help your customer identify your business easily.
  2. Make sure your name is not already out there.
  3. Choose a color palette that best goes with your restaurant image {check our color/feel table below}
  4. Like we said before… think about the imagery that best represents your restaurant.
  5. Choose up to two different fonts to write your restaurant name in, you may include secondary elements like the opening date or a personal quote, which depends completely on your taste!
  6. Simplicity! The best logos are clean, clear, and concise, so think about that.

Need More Restaurant Logo Inspiration?

Think about what your restaurant should feel like, and what you want your customers to experience when they visit you. For example, fast food chains need their customer to be quick, buy/eat/leave and so they choose logos in which the color RED stands out because the color red induces urgency and excitement. Take a look at the following  chart:

But I’m Not A Designer!

No problem! Placeit’s restaurant logo maker tool is just as easy as dragging and dropping, no special editing skills needed, it’s stress-free and it’s as fast as you want it. You can play with your logos imagery, colors, fonts, background, and more.

When you are done creating your very own restaurant logo, download your file and you will get a high-resolution PNG image that you can now promote as much as you want! It’s that easy!

Want to Kick Your Branding Up a Notch?

Mockup your customized logo into visually attractive images to promote your business like the pros! Making great visual assets in just a few steps couldn’t be easier. You can even use your logo’s design elements to create custom marketing assets like flyers and business cards!

So remember, your restaurant’s logo is everything for your business! It is the one and only mark your customers will remember from your brand. You can pick from a variety of cool designs and customize them as you wish! So choose wisely and have a look at Placeit’s logo maker, we have tons of options for your business!

“My new logo looks amazing! Placeit’s Logo Maker!”
Cindy Dubois 5/5

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