Thinkies From Placeit

Our first Thinky (bite-size thoughtful quotes, slowed down so you read the whole thing) from the infamous architect, Louis I Kahn.

Here is the full text

“You realize that something has a certain nature. when you think of the making of a school, the school has a certain nature. In making it you must consult the laws of nature, and the consultation and approval of
nature are absolutely necessary. . . .If you think of brick, for instance, and you consult the orders, you consider the nature of brick.

This is a natural thing. You say to brick, “What do you want, brick?” And the brick says to you, “I like an arch.” And you say to brick, “Look, I want one too, but arches are expensive and I can use a concrete lintel over you, over an opening.” And then you say, “What do you think of that, brick?” Brick says, “I like an arch.”

It’s important, you see, that you honor the material that you use. You don’t bandy it around as though to say, “Well, we have a lot of material around. We can do it one way. We can do it another way.” It’s not true. You can only do it if you honor the brick and glorify the brick instead of just shortchanging it or giving it an inferior job to do, where it loses its character.

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