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Level up Your Law Firm with These Logo Templates

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Get Inspired with These Amazing Law Firm Logos!

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Your logo is your most valuable asset to promote and establish your business against other competitive law firms. You can make your law firm stand out with a professional logo and a whole branded image around it!
You probably know more than we do that trust is everything for this business, your customers are looking for a masterful lawyer that can represent and deliver! Marketing your independent law services or your small law firm with the right tool will make your business look professional from the beginning. Get creative and design your lawyer’s logo on your own.

Classic Law Firm  Logos

Get inspired on some classic lawyer firm logos designs. You can add to your logo a classic representation of law like the scales of justice or a courthouse. Designs like these are elegant and full of classic symbolism.

Modern Law Firm Logos

Go bold! You can still reflect trust and professionalism while displaying a fresh logo on your business.  Be creative, even abstract! Play with colors, don’t be afraid to break the tradition a little, we promise whatever you do, you will still get a professional-looking logo that will amaze your customers.

What Should Your Law Firm Logo Say?

What are your qualities as a lawyer or as a law firm? Honesty, trustworthiness, authority, strength, advocacy. Think about a logo design that reflects this. If your current logo doesn’t reflect any of these qualities, it may be time to rebrand your firm.
Using your logo tagline as a slogan or to type your companies values is a great idea for law business logos! Here is your opportunity to be romantic and inspired by your company, let it show!

Does your brand have a specialty? Do you mainly take on specific kinds of cases, a specific brand of the law? Many firms have established themselves as family law firms, or express divorce lawyers, to name a few examples. Let your focus show on your logo!

Don’t be afraid of color, most lawyer logos use very sober colors to express seriousness. However, you are allowed to break the format a little. Below, we put together quick psychology of color guide to help you out decide which colors would be the best for your brand.

Psychology of Color in Logo Design

Learn a little about the sensations you can evoke with your color design and create color combinations to make your audience react to your logo. When creating your logo, thinking about the colors of your brand is very important. Colors represent very strong emotions,  so take a minute to analyze your logo colors and make an informed decision.
Blue has a calming impact on viewers, this means that using blue tones for your logo will get you a perfect image for a trustworthy company. A logo in blue says: “don’t worry about it, you can rely on us to take care of everything”.

Black reflects power and strength. When a brand wants to project itself as powerful and show authority, black is the way to go.

Gray is used for its neutral shade, it can be perceived as cold. It conveys authority but in a slightly subtler way than black.

White signifies purity, simplicity, perfection, and innocence. White logos don’t work out on themselves but white is the best color to use in logo combinations. There is nothing more elegant than a black and white design, more simple, or even more perfect!

Green is perceived as earthy and healthy and is associated with feelings of safety and finances.

Brown is a warm color that reflects responsibility and seriousness and it is often used by law firms.

Red stands for passion and high energy. Red logos are very intense, this would be a great option if you are looking for a fierce image. No red logo is ever seen as soft, so look tough and go for it!

How Does Placeit’s Law Firm Logo Maker Work?

What Else Can I Do with My Logo?

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