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How to Start a Makeup Line Like a Pro!

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If you’re in the makeup business you’re in the best industry to develop your creativity and business savvy side. Beauty has always been a necessity for many industries. It’s what many women use first thing in the morning and is a must-have for the entertainment industry. In 2017, the United States led the beauty market, followed closely behind by China and Japan. Are you wondering how to start a makeup line? Or be successful in the beauty industry? If so, you’re reading the right post. For all those makeup lovers out there, we have the perfect tools to create a great brand and boost sales!

What You’ll Find in This Post:

Makeup Artists Must Have a Gorgeous Brand

For sure you’re stylish, you know all about lights, shadows, and colors. Well, this can also be applied to your brand. Beauty can also be captured in your graphic identity. It’s not really difficult with Placeit. Just select a color palette that represents you, select your favorite fonts, and assign a picture style for all your designs. These are the basic elements that your beauty brand needs. Here is some crucial information to know before accessing a makeup artist logo maker.

After looking into makeup business names, the next important step to take is to make your beauty logo. It’s part of your brand and will represent your concept and philosophy. Your beauty logo must be memorable so think hard about which style fits you the best. You can create one for the company and other ones for products you create down the line. Check out some inspiration below:

2. Make Beautiful & Handy Business Cards

Make your own beauty business card with the contact information that your clients need from you. Remember that your business card is what makes the first impression on your clients. Select images or textures that represent your main activity in the beauty industry, this way it will be easier for them to remember you. Inspire yourself with these examples:

3. Brand T-Shirts for Special Occasions

A branded t-shirt is always the favorite item to have. It’s useful and if you make a great design, for sure people will want to wear it. This means publicity for your brand. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create designs with Placeit. Just pick a design template, write down your message, and download it! You can also apply that design on mockups so you can see how your t-shirt looks on a model. But what will your t-shirts say? Here are some ideas:

Make T-Shirts for the Team

This is a great way to promote a healthy work environment. It’s a way of saying “you’re part of the team” while attending to your clients’ needs.

Make Launch T-Shirts

If you’re launching your makeup line, a branded t-shirt is a great detail to give away.

Make Branded T-Shirts

Show love for your brand by creating designs expressing your philosophy in a creative way.

4. Make Flyers for Special Events

Whether you’re going to beauty shows, having a special sale, announcing a grand opening, launching a new product line, or teaching workshops, a flyer can be a good idea to let your market know what is coming up. You can print these flyers or just send them by email to your mailing list. Creating one is very easy with Placeit’s Flyer Maker. Select the image, edit the information, and select your colors. Download it and print it! That’s it!

These Design Tools are Perfect for Beauty Gurus

When a makeup artist uses YouTube, magic happens! People love tips, before and after videos, or a good makeup tutorial. Why not try yourself out as a YouTuber? Your clients will appreciate having some extra help with their makeup at home. Give your channel a special touch and create awesome graphics for it or for your social networks with a few clicks.

Create YouTube Banners for Makeup YouTubers

Makeup YouTubers: heads up with Placeit’s Social Media Cover Maker. You will find many options for your YouTube banner, from textured backgrounds to beautiful models.

Create Great Posts with Our Social Media Image Maker

If part of your strategy is working with famous makeup brands, giveaways are a must. You’ll have plenty of design templates to create beautiful images for your social networks that can also work for your blog entries. Create all sorts of messages like tutorial announcements, sales on products or services, your workshops, you name it! You can create these with Placeit in minutes. Check out these examples!

So, Are You Starting Your Makeup Line?

So to recap, once you’re in the beauty business, the next step is creating your own product line. There are many steps to creating your own line but starting off with your makeup logo and branding is great for looking for suitable investors. Here’s a fast guide for you to get started:

The Perfect Online Tool for the Beauty Industry

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beauty studio, makeup artist, or an entrepreneur creating a makeup line, Placeit will help you with online tools to generate professional graphics and create a perfect brand for your market. Now you can have access to Placeit’s mockups, design templates, and video maker with a subscription. Imagine all you can do with our mockups and templates. Plus we are publishing new designs every day, so make sure to stay tuned.

“It’s a great tool for any makeup artist. Placeit is easy to use and friendly. The templates are beautiful!”
Daniel Patterson 5/5

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