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How to Create Ads for Your T-Shirt Business Target

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Learn How to Advertise Your Business with Stunning Designs

Competition online is getting more fierce than ever and this is why businesses are investing more in advertising. But to make your money worth you should get all the tips on how to create ads for your specific niche. Running an unforgettable ad through campaigns is no walk on the beach, but we are here to give all the essential tips and steps you need to follow to get an awesome ad. Let’s jump right into it: 

What You’ll Find:

First, Are You Considering Your Target?

Before even starting to create an ad campaign for your business you should always think of your target customer first. To get a clear sense of your audience you need market research to tell you all the information you necessary to get closer to them. Where do they live? Where do they shop? How old are they? What social platforms do they use? 

You should build a profile base on your buyer persona, this is a fictional representation of your ideal customer based on your research. For example, let’s say you sell print-on-demand swimshorts for men in a certain area in California. You make your research and your buyer persona looks something like this: 

John 26 from L.A., surfer, hiker, traveler, loves animals, shops using Instagram and Amazon, high social media interaction. 

When you have a clear picture of your target you can think of an optimal messaging and platform to deliver. 

About Your Platform & Format

Choosing where to set your ads and in which way is an important decision! There are a few options for your ad placement: on Google’s search, on related sites, on YouTube, on Social Media, and so on.

However, when talking about your ad format you do have quite a few options! Social media, as well as Google, allow you to create tons of different ads: videos, text, images, GIFs, shopping products, and all kinds of variations. 

Experimenting between channels as well as with different ad formats will, in time, give you the best formula for your niche!

Are You Seeking Brand Awareness or Product Awareness?

This is a decision you should be clear on before starting a campaign. It is very different to design a product-focused ad than an ad for your brand! 

Make sure that if you are promoting a product it is visible on the page your ad will be linking back to! Also, ad images or videos that clearly show all of your product’s features in high quality.

Decide On Your Budget

Setting a budget for your ad campaigns is a step you must take before getting into the actual campaign! Why is this? you need to set a limited budget for a limited time and then make a plan for how you will be dividing this budget into different campaign channels, with different ad formats.

Pro Tip: set some of your budget apart from your initial campaigns so that you can boost a campaign whenever it is showing awesome results!

Memorable Message

What you say is as important as your ad design. Remember to include all your relevant information. Be clear about what you are promoting and add keywords! 

You should work on a text that relates directly to what your customer wants to buy. Built short promotional copies for your image ads and long-form copies for video scripts.

Use striking visuals to make your ads pop out. Catch people’s eyes using flashy designs. You can use an online design tool if you are not a designer yourself; and if you are in fact a designer, you can make the design process way faster using this tool too!

Video Ads

When making video ads make sure you are using the right format and size for whichever platform you’ve chosen for your ad. Video is a great engaging tool, do your research on channels that all video ads. A video ad might have better results than using plain ad images!

Include a CTA

Always include a clear call to action in your ad. Ask yourself, what do I want my customers to do when they look at this ad? Persuade your audience with a clear action to follow on your image or video.

How to Advertise on Google

Needless to say, Google is a huge channel to start creating and distributing your ads all over the internet. So it is necessary that you get some sense of how to use google ads for your ad campaign’s benefit!

Keyword Match

When learning how to run google ads you need to start with your basic information. When creating a campaign on Google Ads first, you choose your main keyword and your keyword match. Your keyword match can be set in five different ways:

  • Broad match: includes misspellings, typos, synonyms, and related keywords.
  • Exact match
  • Negative keywords: use this for specific exclusions.
  • Phrase match
  • Broad match modifier: allows you to pinpoint exact phrases or keywords you want to be matched to.  

Optimize Your Keywords

Running a successful campaign has everything to do with using the right words! Follow up on your keyword variations to use those that perform best. In order to do this, it is important that you monitor your keywords regularly. 

Conversion Tracking is a Google ads tool, to help you follow your best keyword performances.

Segment Your Market

Do not target everyone! Not everyone is your ideal customer. Target potential costumers by country, area, interests, etc. You should also consider multiple language consumers and Ads translation. 

Be as narrow as you can with your segment to get the buyer persona you have already identified. As your segment gets more broad you might get more reactions but fewer transactions.

Google Shopping Campaigns

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping allows you to sell directly on google using ads with products related to a search query. 

To create these ads first you need to make an account on Google Merchant Center. fill out all your product information, pricing, be thorough with your title, descriptions, and categories. 

Quality Score

Keep an eye on your quality score. Google’s quality score is how Google finds your ads relevant. It is scored from 1 to 10 10 benign the highest possible score. Your score is a mix of your keyword relevance + ad relevancy + click-through rate + landing page + historical performance. 

Remarketing Campaigns

Retargeting campaigns target potential customers that have already visited your store, your YouTube, clicked on Ads, and so on! 

Consider Mobile Users!

Consider ads featured on mobile devices. Remember there is a wide audience searching on mobile devices so your ad should look optimal on these too.  You might even consider featuring special deals for your mobile costumes.

Creating Ad Campaign on Social Media

If you are interested in creating awesome ads for social media too please check the following videos:

🔥 Check the following video or visit our How to create Instagram ads tutorial post. How to run ads on Instagram:

How to create Facebook ads:

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Lastly, getting an awesome ad design, placed on the perfect channel and for the perfect audience is just the beginning. Using the right keywords, following trends, and the bid competition, are continuously changing every day. Creating campaigns and re-evaluating them constantly will get you closer to the perfect campaign! Keep testing, analyzing, and making changes. 

Track Your Ads Performance

Determine your measurements of success to evaluate each of your ad’s performance. What are you looking to achieve from the ad? How are you going to measure it?

So how was it? If you liked this post you might also be interested in learning how to create Facebook video ads that sell or how to advertise on Instagram the easy way! Leave a comment for us and let us know what you think!

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