Gestures are not showing & using mirroring software

First, please make sure that preview video of the template you’re using has a gestures (you see a hand tapping). If it doesn’t, it means that the template doesn’t support gestures.

If it does, then please read on.

Placeit records your mouse clicks and scrolls and turns them into gestures. When you use mirroring software such as Reflector or Airserver, we can’t record your clicks since they are actually happening on your phone / tablet. So what we need to do is show the app on your computer so we can record the interaction there instead of on your phone / tablet.

So this is what you need to do for each iOS and Android Apps

They are are both very simple.

You basically load your app into Appetize and record your screen. Appetize creates a web version of your app so you can record with Placeit. I’ve embedded the instructional video below. We’ve also included more options on each of the articles above in case you don’t want to use the Appetize method.