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These are the Gamer Hashtags You Must Use This Fall

Gamers Streamers

Bring More People to Your Streaming Channel

Gamers Streamers

If you love streaming websites, have you ever thought of having your streaming channel? Your hobby could become a successful business. Imagine that? To live out of what you love to do! All this is possible if you learn to use all the information on the web, like gamer hashtags. All those followers don’t come alone, so help them out with the right hashtags. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t know anything about this. This post will fill you in with all the details you must know to create effective strategies once you launch your channel. 2020 is not over, and this is the greatest time to get ready with specific campaigns, giveaways to increase your viewers, and win followers. Because who doesn’t love gifts? By the time you reach Christmas, you will be ready as a branded streaming channel and with a great project ahead in 2021.

Social Networks You Should Have as a Streamer

You must know that social networks are a great deal for all gamers and streamers. It doesn’t matter if your channel is on Twitch or Youtube; having social networks takes you closer to your followers. Plus on every post you publish, you can add your personal or trending hashtags.
The goal of social networks is to take traffic to your streaming channel. You can start with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook since they are popular among internet users.
The next thing to do is think about good content your followers will be interested in reading. If you don’t have any idea of what to publish or how to start branding your accounts, here are some good points to follow:

  • Unify all your social accounts with the same cover and avatar.
  • Make outstanding post images to share your streaming dates.
  • Share important facts about yourself to engage with people.
  • Make polls to learn from your followers.
  • Create giveaways to reach more users.
  • Share insights about your channel and what people can find there.
  • Be the first one to share news about the games you play.

Top Ten Gaming Hashtags

So why even use hashtags? Hashtags help users learn about the topics they are interested in knowing more about. All those words or phrases that start with this symbol # are what we call in social media hashtags. Once you click on it, it will take you to all the other posts with the same hashtag that are probably related to. For example, if you click on #JapanLover, for sure you’ll see all kinds of information, videos, and photos related to Japan. You can create your personal hashtag, or use specific topic hashtags and trending hashtags on each social media network. Here is the difference between them:

Personal Hashtags:

It’s for all the posts you make about your channel; it doesn’t matter if it’s not the same topic.

Specific Topic Hashtags:

These are used to unify all the information around one same topic. Like my example of Japan Lovers. The goal is to organize this information and make sure it will appear for users interested in it.

Trending Topics:

When something happens in the world, users start talking about it at the same time. This is how trending topics are made. They can last a week or hours, it depends on the users. But you can take advantage of these hashtags to get noticed by other users that don’t follow you.
Using hashtags is interesting because it’s another way to reach people outside your followers. Any post you publish in your social media feed must include hashtags. According to, these are the 10 hashtags gamers are using this 2019.

  1. #gaming

  2. #gamer

  3. #ps

  4. #videogames

  5. #playstation

  6. #xbox

  7. #games

  8. #game

  9. #fortnite

  10. #twitch

If you’re not a Fortnite player, use the hashtag of the game you’re playing. But by looking at the most used this year, guess which is the most popular game these days.
Gamer hashtags can also be used by gamers who don’t have a channel and love to post about what they are playing at the moment. But for all those streamers that are taking this seriously there other streaming hashtags to add to your posts. These focus mainly on the word “stream,” so make sure to include them as well.

  1. #streamer

  2. #twitch

  3. #gamer

  4. #gaming

  5. #ps

  6. #fortnite

  7. #twitchstreamer

  8. #xbox

  9. #youtube

  10. #stream

Make a Brand Out of Your Streaming Channel

So now that your efforts are about creating great content remember that your channel can become a brand. Usually, people who love what they do feel that making a hobby into a business might kill the pleasant sensation of doing it. But if you can make a profit out of it, it’s worth creating a professional brand. Get ready to live your hobby in another significant way, you might be surprised. Let’s go over the basic things you need to know:

An Avatar Will Be Your New Face

It’s very easy, make it with an Avatar Maker. You can create any style you like, including anime avatars, cartoon avatars, Fortnite characters style avatars; you name it!

You Are a Pro Now, You’ll Need a Logo for Your Streaming Channel

You can use your avatar or create a logo for your streaming channel. Do this very fast with a gaming logo maker.

You Must Create Branded Assets for Your Streaming Channel

Make sure you have a color palette and graphic style unifying all the assets you will make. This way, your followers will identify your Youtube banners, Youtube thumbnails, Twitch templates, etc. at first glance.

Start Making a Profit Out of Your Streaming Channel

Once you create a brand, it gets more interesting. Why? Because you can now make merchandise! Yes, start making all those products that you know your followers will love! A mockup generator can help you design them, and this way, you can avoid investing in the production. According to likes on your social media networks, once you post professional images of your merchandise, you’ll learn which products will be a hit. Use them as giveaway prizes. Not only you will reach more users, but you will also have a constant presence with them since your brand will present on your merchandise.

Video Game Streaming Is About Playing with Passion

So now you have all the tools you need to make your streaming channel successful. Make sure to play those games you love, since people can see this and feel just as excited as you. Keep investigating what games are successful, which hashtags are trending, and make sure to use your avatar and logo on everything you do. If you go to expos, make t-shirts and stickers to give away through a Twitter campaign using the event’s hashtag. Meet new people while you are at these events, play hard, and have fun!

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