How to Find a T-Shirt Designer on Fiverr

We know how hard it can be to get new t-shirt designs for your brand, that’s why in this post we show you the best tips for finding a decent designer on Fiverr and how that compares to Placeit’s t-shirt design maker.

How to Use Fiverr

When you want to create new designs for your t-shirt brand but either don’t have the design skills or can’t hire a designer full-time, you have two options to choose from.

You can either use a freelance graphic design marketplace like Fiverr or make the designs yourself with something like Placeit’s t-shirt design maker. Both have their pros and cons so let’s take a look at how to use Fiverr to make t-shirt graphics and then how to make t-shirt graphics using Placeit’s design templates.


First Things First

Once you land on Fiverr’s homepage you need to start to filter all the designers available and just look at the ones that specialize in graphic design and specifically t-shirt graphics
Set aside the designers whose preview image catches your eye or that have designs that are similar to the style you’re going for.

TIP – Don’t be hasty and pick the first designer you see, a large marketplace attracts a large number of scammers and low-effort designers, we’re going to have to weed out the bad ones.


Seeing Stars


Take a look at the number of rating and stars each designer has, these are a good way to start to eliminate designers. While not perfect, this will make sure those designers have some experience working with customers and delivering decent work.

Click on the designers that passed the first filter and take a look at the images of their previous work and the description of the services they provide.

TIP – Stick only to designers that have at least 4.5 and higher stars and at least 100 reviews. This will quickly eliminate a large amount of scammers and bad designers.

TIP – Broken english and glaring grammatical errors are a red flag that the designer doesn’t have a good command of english and you would do well to avoid them unless you want to deal with wasted time on both ends from miscommunications. Remember, the designer needs to be able to understand exactly what you want from them to make the process go smoothly.


Unlimited Gimmicks


Take gimmicky promises with a huge grain of salt. A common tactic is to advertise unlimited revisions as a positive thing. If the designer is competent then they won’t need to offer unlimited revisions since it’ll only take a few revisions to provide you with what you’re asking for. Another important thing to watch out for is when the designer charges extra for commercial use.

Browse the designer’s reviews from their previous clients.
TIP – Filter their reviews so you can see the negative ones and check if there appears to be a trend, for example “failed to deliver on time” or “didn’t provide what I asked for”. Also take note of how the designer responds to these negative reviews if at all.

Cross Your Fingers

Once you’ve done everything to make sure the designer you’re hiring is most likely not a scammer or a bad designer, you place your order and then you’ll be able to communicate with the designer and specify exactly what your design should look like. You´ll also be able to attach any images you think might help the designer visualize what you want.
TIP – Take advantage of the ability to send the designer images and find images on google that are similar in style or design to what you would like for your design. This will greatly help the designer quickly understand what you want from them.

Now Let's Try That with
Placeit's Design Templates

How to Use Placeit's Design Templates

Now let’s take a look at how to make a t-shirt design using Placeit’s t-shirt design templates.


You go to and mouse-over “design templates” and click on t-shirt design templates.

You click on the t-shirt template you think would work best for your design, there are tons of versatile t-shirt templates to choose from.
TIP – Each template has tons of different graphic and font options so be sure to check out several templates.

Endless Customization

You edit the text, fonts, color and designs you want on the t-shirt. You don’t need to be a designer to get great results.
You click on the big “download” button once you’re satisfied with your design.
TIP – With any Placeit subscription you get unlimited
t-shirt design downloads, If you plan on making a few, this a great deal.

You're Done


Really, that’s it. Pat yourself on the back and feel free to make another custom t-shirt design or as many as you like.

Let's Recap



✅ You get a custom t-shirt design

✅ You don’t have to design anything yourself

✅ There are a ton of designers to choose from


❌ No easy way to find a good designer

❌ The final price you pay is going to be much more than five dollars



✅ You get a custom t-shirt design

✅ Only takes a minute to make a new t-shirt design

✅ Each t-shirt design costs just 2 dollars or is free with any Placeit subscription


❌ Not as versatile as having a designer

❌ You have to make the designs yourself


If you have the time and patience to navigate the what sometimes feels like the wild west of freelance then you’ll be rewarded with a custom t-shirt design.

If you’d rather save yourself a lot of time and money then Placeit’s t-shirt design maker offers a better alternative.
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