The Difference Between App Preview Video and App Demo Video

What’s an app preview video?

An app preview video is a short video that demonstrates your app’s functions, features and the user interface, directly from a phone’s screen. This means, only what you see on screen should appear on the video, without any people, hands or devices featured on your preview.

According to iTune’s guidelines, all app previews can be only as long as approximately 30 seconds.

These app previews are specifically for Apple’s app store. They are the size of the device’s screen and are uploaded directly to the app store. They are useful for your potential audience to get a quick preview of what they are about to download and convince them of downloading. However, app previews are not useful to promote your app.

Here is an example of Basecamp‘s app preview:

How to get started with an app preview video

You are able to take footage of the app using your iOS device. This is done by connecting the iOS device to the Mac by use of a Lightning connector. Everything can be captured on-screen and taken straight to the Mac by use of QuickTime Player. The next step is to edit the captured footage in a video editing app (like Final Cut Pro X) and then upload the footage to iTunes. The final step is to connect the app for review.

What information to share?

Voiceover is usually allowed in app preview videos, however, it should not sound like an advertisement. App previews that are submitted appear in every country that has your app. Since app previews can only be 15 to 30 seconds long, it is crucial for you to effectively exploit this time by ensuring your clients understand the features and content of your app.

An additional suggestion would be to use different copy for different countries so that the users can understand and relate to the video easily. As you might have guessed app preview videos are only for the app stores.

What’s an app demo video?

This refers to videos created to promote your app. Unlike app previews, you can upload demo videos everywhere you want, from Youtube to your website. There’s no limit to the length of the video, but shorter videos are often better. You can also add any type of content, voiceover and actors. This is your commercial, your presentation, your real demo. An app demo video increases the chance of an app’s success.

The idea is to explain your app’s best features and explain why your audience should download it. The best way to do that is to show a problem they might have and how your app solves it.

With the app preview, you already have your audience almost ready to download, as they are already on your app store listing. With your app demo video, you are presenting your app for the first time and want to capture their attention and make them go to the store and download your app.

HOW TO Make an App Demo Video

The first step is to create a concept before sketching a storyboard. It is important to watch other app demo videos from other people so that you can be able to come to a conclusive decision on the concept you should use. After you have a concept that you like, you can proceed to drawing a storyboard.

The next step is to write a structured script before recording the app video demonstration. You need to choose a screen recording that is more effective. After that you need to do a voice over. This is whereby the voice part of the video is recorded. Editing of the video is then done and the video is uploaded to a hosting site.

You should capture high quality videos that not only educates your audience but also promotes your growth.  One common thing app makers crib about is the cost associated with video production. Lot of things need to be taken care of— like hiring an actor, expensive video recording equipment, renting out a studio and so on.

With Placeit, you can record videos even with gestures. That means, you don’t get invisible hands but realistic hand gestures. An example would be a man with an iPhone 6 at the park and using your app.

Concluding thoughts!

I guess that now you’re able to understand the difference between app demo and preview videos. Both have their own place and importance. You can create different demo videos to showcase different features of the app. This can also act as mini tutorials.

On the other hand app preview videos are strictly for showcasing the core functionality of your app. Best of luck!