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Set Your Gym Apart with a Quality Boxing Logo

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Design a Boxing Logo & Develop a Powerful Brand

If you’ve always wanted to open a boxing gym, this is the time to do it! Boxing gyms and boxing classes are all the rage because people are super interested in taking care of their health. Instead of heading to the gym and investing a few hours a week lifting weights or running on the treadmill, people prefer to take a more active approach when it comes to their fitness. Thanks to celebrities and models, these types of full-body boxing workouts have been picking up steam. Whether you offer classes for novices or pros who are making a career out of boxing, you’ll need to create a boxing logo and market your gym in order to make your efforts worth it.

Create an Inspired Boxing Logo

As you prepare to open your gym, you’ll need to design a boxing logo that communicates what your business is all about. Do you offer a training space for pro boxers or do you simply offer conditioning classes for those interested in getting in shape? There are a number of different classes and services you can offer, so you want to be sure potential customers understand this.
Once this is clear, choosing an icon for your logo will be much easier. Since boxing is a high-impact and strenuous sport, communicating power, energy, and dominance makes sense. Use color, typography, and your logo’s icon to reflect these emotions.
If you’re not sure where to start, it helps to look at other gyms’ logos to get a better idea of what you like and don’t like. Check out the following logos for some inspiration:

How to Create Your Boxing Logo

Creating your boxing logo may seem like a real challenge, but we promise you can do this yourself in just a few minutes. To do this, take your inspiration and head over to Placeit’s boxing logo maker. This online logo maker ensures that designing a custom logo is as easy as can be. Simply select the different elements you want to be incorporated in your logo, select the colors, and type in your gym’s name. Once it’s perfect, hit download and start using it to brand your entire enterprise. To make this even easier, check out this short, instructional video:

Get Your Boxing Business Online

Your logo should be something you’re proud of and eager to share. One of the easiest ways to get it out there is by getting your business online. Having a website where potential customers can check out what classes you’re offering, your facilities, and your trainers will help them get comfortable with your gym, making it more likely for them to enroll in your classes.
Social media is also a must with today’s consumers. This is the perfect resource for potential members looking for reviews and more information. Make your pages easy to identify by displaying your logo as your main picture and including it in your header image. Don’t forget to include your contact information and stay on top of your messages so that you don’t lose any potential new members.
Social media is also great for hosting contests and giveaways that will get your target audience interested in your brand and interacting with it. Something as simple as reposting images people took while in your gym can help give your business a warm and welcoming feel.

How to Market Your Boxing Brand

Marketing your brand isn’t just about paying for ads and putting up signs. In today’s world, what people have to say about your brand means much more than how much you spend on traditional marketing campaigns. Because this means so much, it’s important that people speak well about your boxing gym and even proudly wear your logo.
An easy way to go about achieving this is by offering new members a branded t-shirt once they complete their enrollment. Holding contests on Instagram or Facebook asking people to upload photos of themselves wearing their branded t-shirts is also a great marketing strategy.
Take all of this one step further by sponsoring boxing events in your community or holding fight nights at your gym. This will ensure people see your logo and recognize it later on when they decide they want to enroll in a gym. You can even design fight flyers, social media posts, and other marketing materials using Placeit’s user-friendly design templates, including flyer makers and social media image-makers.

Use Your Boxing Logo to Sell Merch

It’s not hard to get people to wear your logo if you offer boxing apparel in your gym. You can use your gym as a point of sale and offer different products your members could get good use out of, such as water bottles, t-shirts, gym bags, and other boxing materials with your boxing club’s logo. This is the perfect way to make your members feel like a part of your boxing gym’s family while also having them market your brand.

Turn Your Boxing Business Into a Brand

Don’t just make a cool boxing logo for your gym, turn it into a brand that is easy to recognize. Use Placeit’s different design templates to create a cohesive brand that will give your gym more authority. With Placeit’s subscription, you will have unlimited access to flyer templates, mockups, and so much more. Give your gym the attention it deserves with a little help from Placeit.

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