Comprehensive List of Professional App Demo Video Production Companies

You can always use Placeit to create a professional demo video for your app; but if you don’t want to do it yourself or need help with the production and editing, these app marketing and video production companies will do it for you. We built this Comprehensive List of Professional App Demo Video Production Companies for you to take a look at what they have to offer, their pricing and style for you to pick the one that suits your app and audience best.

Specialized in App Marketing

These companies are professionals in the app marketing field, besides producing your app demo video, they may even help out with your entire app marketing strategy or provide you with tools to enhance your social media presence.

HiLo Media -All sorts of Marketing Videos, including iPhone and iPad app overview videos, screencasts and website tours. They will create a video package according to your budget. Located in Asheville, NC, and San Francisco, CA.

Apptamin -App videos and trailers. Three types: Animation, Live Video with real hands, Live video on location with actors and context. Starting at $1,190 for up to 1 minute.

App Demo Videos -Three types of demo videos: Minimalist with hand interaction, App Preview, and Live Action videos. Starting at $599 for App Previews.

The App Media -Web based app marketing company that offers 4 types of app promotional videos: over view videos, screen cast videos, explainer videos, and commercial videos. Starting at $49 for an over view video without script writing, music or voice over.

App VJ -Web based company that makes 6 types of videos for mobile and web apps: animated explainer videos, App Store Preview videos, animated demo videos with hands, live app videos, app trailer videos and screencast videos. Starting at $299 for a 1 minute app demo video with hands.

Android Tapp -Besides providing information on Android apps, they create app videos for android, iPhone and websites. Starting at $1,999 for mobile app video with voice over, against a neutral backdrop.

Rewatchable Apps -Different pricing options depending on number of highlighted features, length, quality and customization. You can buy add-ons like tweaks, version insurance, and touch gestures. Starting at $1000. Located in Beverly, MA

A One Apps -Creates 3 types of app demo videos: Live pack shots, App Store Previews and animations. Starting at $30 for a 90 sec video without voice over.

PreApps -From screencasts to animated videos including hands, text and voice over. Videos up to 1 minute. Starting at $199. Located in Boston, MA

Animated and Explainer Videos

These guys will create an animated or explainer video that will showcase your app’s features while a narration describes the process, it can be an illustrated or live action video.

Flikli –  Helping your brand shine with engaging video content since 2011. Flikli creates high-quality animated videos to promote your brand or explain a topic. Express and Standard production options and quote available upon request. Located in Kitchener, Ontario Canada.

Demo Duck -Builds marketing and tutorial videos for iPhone and Android apps. Pricing upon quote. Located in Chicago, IL.

Raw Apps -Animated explainer videos and app video templates that let you add app screenshots within flat devices. Starting at $99. Located in Miami, FL.

Planet Nutshell -Creates animated app demo videos and explainer videos for mobile apps and websites. Pricing upon quote. Starting at Located in Cambridge, MA.

Gisteo -Creates explainer and demo videos for online marketing. They have several types of animations, cartoons and motion interactions with hands. Starting at $2,000 for a 1 minute animation with music and voice over. Located in Key Biscayne, FL.

Downshift Interactive – iPhone, iPad and Android app demo videos made from animated screenshots. Starting at $399. Located in Santa Monica, CA.

Snapp Demo -iOS, Android or website demo videos, App Store Previews & Game Trailers. Starting at $175 for a 1 minute app demo video

Demo Ninja -iPhone Explainer and Tour Videos of your features with hands and music. Starting at $499 for a 1 minute video with 3 features.

App Videos -Showcase your app’s features within a video app with hands, music and voice over. Optional social media posting of the video. Starting at $1,299 for a 1 minute video with 3 features. Located in Los Angeles, CA

Commercial Videos

If you are going for an ad-like experience, these companies will deliver a commercial video that will present your app’s features while being used in real context. Most of these companies specialize in a TV or web advertising video format, but they will create an app demo video for you as well.

Video Brewery -Video production company specialized in commercials. Can produce an animated or live action app demo video. Starting at $3,000. Based in Chicago, IL with a global community.

Vid Wonders -Video production company that creates custom app demo videos. Starting at $900 for a 1 minute HD video with voice over and brief storyline

87 Seconds – Creates commercial explainer videos and App Previews. Starting at $1,900 for a 47 video with basic animation and optional voice over. Located in Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium.

App Demo Video -Web based company that creates commercials and app demo videos for all mobile devices, web services and computer apps. Videos may include hand gestures and voice over. Starting at $59.99/Minute.

Ben Simon-Video producer that creates ads and explainer videos for multiple platforms. Demo Videos for iPhone and Android may include hands interaction. Pricing upon quote. Located in Brighton, UK.

So there you have it. If you are looking to go beyond what is expected with your demo video; or if for some reason your busy agenda won’t allow you to spend a couple of minutes creating an app demo video with Placeit, these companies will do it for you.