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The Best Building Logos with Amazing Icons

Building Logos
We know that a brand that is able to make the right impression on its market is indeed a winning brand. So, if you require a logo with building icons, you have landed on the right post! An icon of a building or a house is the perfect image for any company whose business is about making, decorating, selling, or improving homes. Make it easy for your market to recognize you and let us make it easy for you to create the right logo design. With our building logo maker, it only takes a few clicks to create as many logos as you want directly from your browser.

Build a Solid Brand with These Construction Logos

If you are a contractor, let me tell you that building a solid brand is a must! Consider using bolded fonts and building icons so that you can project a strong image that reflects your construction company. As for your color palette, try cool or warm colors like blue, dark green, gray, red, or yellow. Look at these examples:

Sell More with This Real Estate Logo Maker

If you are in the real estate business, you will find many options for your real estate agency logo. Create your logo with the perfect icon, from apartments to houses, 3D images or abstract buildings with extra details like leaves, hearts, or keys. This makes it easy for companies that are interested in a specific niche, like eco-friendly homes, to find a great option in our real estate logo maker with building logos. Check out these logo templates:

Make a Great Impression with These Plumbing Logos

When we talk about a business where you must enter someone’s home, trust and professionalism are mainly what a brand should express. Starting with a trustworthy logo will help you create a great business card that will make clients feel more at ease when opening up their doors to you. Let them know that you’re not only trustworthy but that you also have the experience to fix all their problems. Check out these plumbing logos with building icons.

These House Icons Are Perfect for Architect Logos

You have always loved to imagine that perfect home right? You can sketch for hours and then just make it happen! This process can be transferred to your brand. Find building icons that look like sketches, vintage buildings, or what about lovely and classic homes? Here are some architect logos expressing different house or building styles.

For Big Projects, Big Civil Engineering Logos

Great projects need great companies that are up to the task. Civil engineers know about professionalism, after all, they have to visualize the big picture including how a project should be done and the talents needed to achieve it. For this reason, their brand must express all the expertise they have achieved through the years. Consider all types of icons. Here are some ideas for this industry with building logos.

Create Lovely House Logos

So this hobby of decorating every space in a home ended up as a new business? Well, it’s time to take it to the next level. How? By making your home decor logo. When you are good at what you are doing, recommendations may come along, and you will always need to leave a business card for a real estate agent or another client. Be sure you have a creative and professional house or building logo so that your business cards stand out. If you don’t have any idea of what it should look like, check out these examples and their color palettes. This way you can give your future client a sense of your contemporary touch.

Placeit Is a Powerful Online Logo Maker

Placeit’s building logo maker gives you the power to create your brand with a few clicks and without having to depend on downloading special software. From architect brands to housekeeping services and even industrial services, they all need an icon related to their activity. Use universal symbols like a heart combined with a house to project the love of what you’re doing or a house with a smile to project the final result of your work. You got it, right? Find the perfect logo template for your business niche and customize it in no time! Our logo templates are eye-catching and inspired by today’s trendy designs.
“I wanted a building icon for my contractor logo. Placeit’s Logo Maker had many to pick from and it was very easy to make my logo.”
Danny Brown 5/5

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