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If you’ve been feeling like your visual marketing campaign could use a boost, but can’t seem to find the right way to achieve it, then you definitely need to check out Placeit’s Book Mockups. Free book mockups are a great marketing tool to add as part of your marketing campaign because they allow you to display your ideas within context, making it easier to potential consumers to relate to them.

It might be time for you to outshine the competition and what better way to do this than with Placeit’s help?

To customize one of Placeit’s Book Mockups all that you need to do is choose an image of whatever it is you are looking to advertise, upload it onto the template of your choice and let Placeit handle the rest of the work for you. In just a couple of minutes, Placeit will deliver a compelling image ready to be added to your visual campaign. How cool is that? Here’s a list of some of our book mockups for you to check out.

E-Book Cover Mockup Template Over Transparent Background

This book mockup shows a book standing on a flat transparent surface. This notebook mockup can be used to portray the desired image in a professional manner.

E-Book Mockup Template Over a White Background

This book mockup might be just what you need to help you advertise your latest book, so waste no more time and check it out! This book mockup features a frontal shot of a book standing against a transparent background. Use this beautiful stock photo to make a lasting impression on your target market and make your business get the attention it deserves. To use this book mockup all you have to do is drag and drop an image onto the template and Placeit will do the rest for you.

Photorealistic E-book Mockup

Got a new book you’re dying to showcase to everybody, but feel like there’s no good way for you to do it? Don’t suffer anymore, check out Placeit’s stock photo book mockups and solve your problems within seconds. This book mockup features a book standing against a transparent backdrop.

Use real-life scenario mockups to appeal to consumers and help them get the recognition it deserves. What are you waiting for? Make this book mockup part of your visual marketing campaign today!

Ebook Mockup in an Angled Position Over a Flat Backdrop

Do you have a mighty fine book cover? We can handle that too. This book mockup is set on a transparent backdrop so you can fit it anywhere. It’s a standing book that will allow an 800x1200px image.

Hardcover Ebook Mockup

Your target audience for this mockup could be anyone related to your books’ content. The large 800 x 1200 px stage is situated on a hardback book. This thick hardcover book is standing against a transparent surface.


Investing in Facebook Advertising or Twitter Ads? Then this book mockup template is for you. What’s special about this book mockup template is that you can add text on your image where you can show the special promotion you are currently running and make your ad even more attractive to your viewers’ eyes. Running special discounts every once in a while is a very good marketing strategy and it will help you sell more books. Try the book ad generator here.

Hardcover Ebook Mockup Standing over a Flat Surface

Showcase your latest hardcover book with this book mockup. It’s a frontal picture of a hardcover book standing against a transparent surface. Use it to portray your business in a more professional way!

Ebook Mockup of a Hardcover Book Standing Over a Flat Background

An angled image of a hardcover book was used to make this book mockup, it’s a really beautiful mockup that you can start using to promote your latest book. Use a 900x1200px image to make your book cover stand out!

Angled Hardcover Book Mockup Over a PNG Background

Be creative by using a photorealistic photo of a hardcover book taken from above! The book is standing on a transparent surface, starting to open itself. Just drag-and-drop a jpeg or png file of your book cover on the interface and enjoy your finished image!

Mockup Template of a Paperback Book Standing Over a Flat Background

Portray your latest e-book with this awesome book mockup of a paperback book standing on a flat surface! It’s a classic and beautiful image that you can use to get your customers’ attention.

Ebook Mockup Over a White Backdrop

Drop your Photoshop and start using this e-book mockup over a white backdrop, use an 800x1200px image for best results. An angled book like this one makes a beautiful way to display your latest book.

Create Book Videos in Minutes!

Feeling like stepping up your book marketing content strategy? What about promoting your book with a book video you can create yourself? You probably thought that all those book videos you see online cost thousands of dollars to produce, wrong! Thanks to tools like Placeit’s book video maker you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have this kind of awesome content under your sleeve.

Make the Perfect Cover for Your Book, We Have Now Covers Maker

It might be time to say goodbye to Photoshop once and for all because now thanks to Placeit’s mockups there’s no need for any editing software anymore. Amazing, right? So what are you waiting for?

Make Placeit’s mockups the latest addition to your marketing campaign starting today and begin achieving success in no time! Wait, don’t have a book cover yet?

Then try our new book cover art generator to create a book cover design without the hassle! You can also learn which ebook marketplaces offer the best profit margins with the help of our ebook profit margin calculator, get it here.

“Advertising friends, Placeit will save a couple years of pitch life.”
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