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Become a Gaming Influencer Using These Tips

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How to Break into the Gaming Influencer World

In the past, gaming may have been considered just a fun pastime or even a waste of time. That no longer holds true, especially since the gaming industry is booming and a huge source of revenue. It’s predicted that by the end of 2019, revenue for mobile games will reach USD $68.5 billion, which is no small number. It’s clear then that this industry is a serious one that produces huge numbers in terms of revenue and users. Because of this, marketers can no longer ignore it and are instead capitalizing on its power.

With the rise of influencer marketing, you can be certain that major brands are looking for gaming influencers to push their products and expand their audience and consumers. If you’re a serious gamer wanting to turn this hobby into a source of income and influence, why not establish yourself as a gaming influencer? Below are some tips that can help you establish your presence as a serious contender in this game.

Find Your Gaming Niche

Before you become an influencer, you’ll need to find your spot in the gaming world. The first step towards this is finding a focus within this massive industry that has a substantial audience. To do this, think about what it is that you like to do and how you can realistically garner an audience doing this. To help you solidify some ideas, consider other famous gamers and what they’re doing. You don’t have to replicate what they’re doing but take notes on what you have in common with them in terms of what you want your focus to be and where your expertise lie.

If you’re drawing a blank, some niche possibilities include doing live streams, posting game tutorials, recording reviews of games and equipment, preparing comic walkthroughs, etc. No two gaming influencers will be exactly the same, so don’t worry if your plans are a bit different than everything already out there. In fact, this is a plus because you fit within in a niche but with your own style. For some gamers, their brand is all about just playing and connecting with their followers, for others, their channels include more lifestyle aspects. Find a mix that works for you and your audience and capitalize on it.

Develop Your Gaming Brand

When people think of a brand, they usually just think of a logo. A logo is part of a brand, but there’s so much more to it than that. When developing your gamer brand, yes, think about your logo design but don’t ignore the rest of the elements that will turn help you develop a complete and cohesive brand.

To start, think about the personality you want your brand to reflect. Since your brand is you, think about your strongest personality traits and how you can turn these into an asset for your brand. For starters, you need to have a presence in front of the camera and something that sets you apart from your competition. It’s always recommended that you be original and authentic because viewers respond better to this.

Next, use these aspects to create the visual elements of your brand. An easily identifiable visual brand will make you look more professional and trustworthy, so suffice to say it’s very important if you want to be an influencer. To start, use an avatar maker to create an image that shows who you are. You can use this as your logo or profile picture on your different stream channels, YouTube account, and social media accounts. It’s also recommended that you create assets for your different accounts that fit your brand. Use the same color palette, fonts, and imagery when creating things like YouTube channel art, social media posts, and your Twitch assets, like an eye-catching banner. If you’re posting on YouTube, a branded intro video is also a must along with end screens that can lead to more views and subscribers.

Once you get a decent following, consider creating some merch your subscribers will love. You can use your logo or some inside jokes to design t-shirts, hoodies, and any other items your followers want to wear and use. This is also a great way to reach more people since the people who wear your merch will basically be walking billboards for your brand.

Create a Streaming and Posting Strategy

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to stream daily to stay on people’s radar. Instead, be smart about your streaming schedule so you don’t end up burned out and without any energy to keep going. A schedule will allow you to create a strategy that involves different types of posts on different platforms so that you’re active but not doing the same thing daily. A clear schedule will also allow your followers and subscribers to keep up with you because they’ll know what to expect on what days. Want some tips for streaming on YouTube and Twitch? Check out this post

To establish your schedule, first decide when you’ll stream, when you’ll post video tutorials, when to post game reviews, etc. You may only post on YouTube a couple of times a week, do a live stream once a week, and post short vlog type videos to your Instagram Stories daily. Whatever it is you decide, just having a set schedule will help you get into a rhythm that is easier to manage. It also makes it easier to measure what’s working and what isn’t so you can keep on the right path.

Build Your Audience

Building a strong audience may be easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. To be an influencer, an audience is a must. Followers and subscribers are just the foundation, but they’ll also need to be real people who listen to you and care about your opinions. A high follower count doesn’t mean anything if they don’t interact and engage with you, so look for ways to encourage these types of interactions.

The easiest way to make this happen is by paying attention to your stats and analytics. Start by making note of your subscriber count and views now so that once you make changes to your profile or schedule you’ll be able to detect changes. It’s also important that you identify what types of posts and videos lead to more views and more subscribers so that you can replicate these and do more of this. Likewise, take note of what leads to the lowest views and interactions and consider removing these types of posts from your schedule.

To make this all even easier, look for tools that give you these insights. For example, Twitch Tracker can help you track your channel’s performance overall as well as what’s popular and trending on the platform.  Remember, the more followers you have the more interesting you’ll be for gaming brands who are looking for influencers with real power over their audience.

Connect with Other Gamers and Influencers

As you try to build and expand your brand, working with other gaming influencers is a great idea. It may sound odd to suggest working with your direct competition since you’re both working towards the same or similar goals, but this can really give your brand a boost.

Connecting and collaborating with other gamers in your niche can help you reach a wider audience without necessarily stealing their viewers or followers. Most people watch and subscribe to multiple channels anyway, so why not collaborate with someone who can help you expand your brand?

Another option is to connect with other streamers and gamers outside of your niche. Not only can you be introduced to a whole other audience, but you can also pick up tons of new viewers and grow beyond your own niche. You may discover new ideas for content or new ways of doing what you’re already doing. Don’t limit who you connect with without doing some research first because this can truly limit your growth potential.

Use Influencer Marketing Agencies

Influencer marketing is huge right now, so it makes sense that brands of all types are looking to connect with influencers of varied backgrounds. These brands may be big gaming brands and other times they may be lifestyle brands looking to branch out into new markets. Either way, getting noticed by them may not be super easy. Luckily, there are plenty of businesses whose sole focus is to connect brands with influencers who meet their criteria.

You can sign up for a number of influencer marketing agencies that will help brands connect with you much more easily. These platforms make it easier than ever to find the right match for both influencers and brands while also simplifying communication between the two. This means brands will have an easier time deciding if you’re what they want, they can reach you in no time through the platform, and they can lay out their terms in a way that’s clear for you both. There’s no time wasted and you can be well on your way to having a serious income thanks to your gaming influencer status.

Since brands can search for you and reach out to you when they’re certain you’re a good fit, this means you’ll be asked to advertise products and services that fit your personal gaming brand. Keep in mind when accepting these offers that advertising products that make sense for your audience will go over much better. Remain authentic to your brand and don’t try to push things on your viewers that you’re certain are a stretch for your niche.

Become a Gaming Influencer in No Time

If gaming is your thing, there’s no reason not to turn it into more than a hobby. Doing this is easier than ever, so why not turn this source of fun into a real source of income? Using these tips, you can solidify your gamer brand and turn to an influencer in your niche. You never know, you might just turn into the next big gaming influencer!

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