Announcing Our New Split Screen App Demo Videos

At Placeit, we are constantly looking for new ways to update our mockups and demo videos according to app marketing and design trends. We worked really hard to build a new type of app demo videos that you will find both attractive and useful.

The Split Screen App Demo Videos allow you to make a recording of your app and display it within context. You can choose from our wide variety of demo video templates and select the scenario that matches your business best. Your screen recording will appear on one side of the video and on the other side you will see a person interacting with a smartphone.

Take a look at these examples:

Try this App Demo Video of a Bearded Man at the Office here

Try this iPhone App Demo Video of a Business Executive here

Try this App Demo Video of a Pretty Lady Here

Placeit Video lets you skip the hassle of shooting a video and then processing it with complex editing software. All you need to do is record your app on your screen with Recordit and your video will be inserted into these everyday scenes for a realistic display.

Don’t forget to promote your software with our software box mockups!

Go ahead and try these app demo videos for free right away at Placeit!