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Android Mockups for App Marketing

Android Mockups for App Marketing

Draw attention to your apps by making simple photo templates a key element of your visual marketing campaign.  Start using professional Android phone mockups to showcase your app’s features and you will allow potential users to get a glimpse at how your app works! Make your app more desirable and attractive to your audience by using a powerful and versatile visual asset. Why waste lots of money on expensive, time-consuming marketing campaigns when you can use Placeits mockups? Take a look at how good they are and start making your revenue grow!

Here’s a list with 10 of the Latest Android Mockups from Placeit, check it out:

Samsung Galaxy S7 in Portrait Position Mockup (Front View)

Nothing will ever be as useful and versatile to promote an app as a mockup of a phone in portrait position, you can use it in so many different ways!

Put your app’s screenshot in this angled Samsung Galaxy S7 held by a girl, a delicate hand always helps an app to look even more beautiful.

Take a look at the different backgrounds that we have to offer you in this Android phone mockup!
Display a gaming or entertainment app using this landscape position Samsung Galaxy S7!

White Samsung Phone Mockup Over a PNG Background

Remember that in Placeit, you can also showcase your website by clicking on Screenshot from URL.

Use this original photo of four Sony Android phones mockup to show something different in each of them! You can drag-and-drop an image on each android phone, or use the Upload Image button.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Mockup Being Held in a Portrait Position

This Android phone mockup is a perfect choice to showcase your latest app.

When using this template, you will just have to drag-and-drop your screenshot image file over the interface, it’ll be automatically processed. Amazing, right?


Take a look at this gorgeous Sony Xperia Z3 lying flat against a transparent background.

If you liked these mockups and would like to see some more, click here and access our gallery. Keep in mind that at Placeit we’re always coming up with new ideas, so don’t hesitate and visit us today!

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