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A Cannabis Branding Guide to Sell Your Products!

Dropper Bottle Mockup Of A Man Using His Cbd Oil

Cannabis dropper bottle mockup of a man using his CBD oil

Marijuana is no longer associated with hippies or young skaters. Now many people use cannabis due to its beautiful properties! Recreational cannabis is just making its way into the market; however, medical marijuana is now widely accepted, as well as other common day-to-day uses!  

Cannabis lifestyle and enthusiasts have opened a huge market for all cannabis product owners. As cannabis products are legalized, the number of competitors skyrockets, but legal cannabis doesn’t just sell itself despite what you might think.  This is why is super important to master your cannabis branding because the legal cannabis market is exploding! 

The global cannabidiol market was valued at USD 4.6 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.2% from 2019 to 2025.

Grand View Research

Mockup featuring a man opening a cannabis-infused salve jar

Cannabis products can be used for medical purposes, stress-relief, general pains, sports purposes, helping your pets, for your kids, on beauty products, to bake, and more!

“Branding will be the difference between success and failure in the emerging legal cannabis business.”

Evan Horowitz CEO told Forbes 

Now, About Cannabis Branding…

Packaging mockup featuring a zip bag and two coffee cups

Don’t make the mistake of thinking branding is a less important aspect of your business. Branding is key in order to move your cannabis product to your desired audience. We want to give you the best tips to brand your products effectively.

CBD brands are becoming very popular because cannabis has proven to have many great properties for daily uses! But now, remember your brand is not only your name or your logo; these are simple representations of your brand. A brand is all of your brand identity reflected all over your brand’s image. 

Ultimately, what great branding does for you is that it helps your customers recognize your products anywhere. Think about McDonald’s –yes we know this is very cliché– but there’s no way you think about other brands while looking at their products, right? Even if you are looking at a cup or their paper bag, you know it’s McDonald’s; this is what efficient branding does for a business. 

The personifications of your brand help customers to feel identified, or not, with it. So think, what are your brand’s best attributes? And build an image around it! 

Overall, it’s important that your branding reflects high quality and professionalism due to the industry we are dealing with. You need a great mix of a fantastic logo, great packaging, and flashy advertising to go with it. 

Create a CBD Logo

Whether you are working on a CBD logo, cannabis logo, marijuana logo, or other brand variations, this is important for you! 

When creating your cannabis logo, you might be designing for different products. There are edibles, vape pens, flower concentrates, topicals (lubricants & oils, balms & salves, lotions, baths), medical products, and so much more! As more and more people are letting the prejudice behind and trying cannabis products, a huge range of designs is becoming available to use for your business. 

Try to go beyond the cliches and get creative with a design that is refreshingly unique! Using Placeit’s cannabis logo templates, you get enough options to get creative and design something that truly represents your business. 

To find your own brand style, you can take a look at a few ideas a decide which goes best with your business intent and values.

CBD Logo Styles

Health and Wellness

For people who are focused on the benefits of cannabis for the well-being. All wellness lifestyle enthusiasts will love this style for your brand. Use minimal designs, calm colors, delicate details, and a clean image.


This style is great for high-end products, with luxury packaging and design that shows it. Use golden and black colors, fancy styled graphics, elegant fonts. 


For every product whose objective is to enhance someone’s health, you might want to go for a clean look, white colors, high contrasts. A design that inspires safety and high quality.

Rough and Manly

This style is very used for products like cannabis craft beer or man used products. Use bold typefaces, dark colors, masculinity symbols; you can even give it an outdoorsy look.

And Others Like: Vintage, Natural Style, Cartoonish, and More

For vintage-styled designs, use nostalgic designs to bring people back to their cultural roots, with colorful palettes.

For a natural-inspired design, use eco-conscious packaging, a reconnection with nature. You can give your product a handcrafted look. Less business and more of a romantic look. Green and leafy are always a good way to go.

To design a cartoonish logo, simply choose silly cartoonish graphics and fonts to represent your business. 

Logo Name

Avoid using overused words; yes, you can definitely add some keywords to your name on a second line, but make sure your primal name is something that is only yours. Also, make sure your name has not been taken yet.

You can look at other design styles and wrap your whole cannabis business with our cannabis design trends post.

Cannabis Packaging 

Like said before, business branding goes beyond a name or your logo. Your brand should be reflected in everything you do, and every branding asset should be coherent with your brand. With that said, what cannabis packaging design you use to move your product around is important too! Choose packaging that is appealing to your target user. If you need help designing the perfect packaging, Placeit has tons of templates you can use from beer label designs to t-shirt labels and tags!



A Note on Marijuana Packaging Mockups

Packaging mockups for your cannabis products can help you post your products’ images before you even craft them. You can use a beautiful image to make up your catalog, your Instagram shoppable posts, your Facebook marketplace images, anything! You can find basically any kind of packaging you will be using to make your images in just a few clicks. That’s right! All you have to do is add your logo and voila, your job is done.

Promote on Social Media

At last, when you have your brand and images ready to go, promote using helpful tools like social media templates, stories, ads, and more. Connect through social media with your customers and gain more popularity for your brand!

Last Words

Branding is the foundation for long-term success. Get yourself ahead of your competition with a sick brand design that makes it irresistible to look at! 

Build a brand that is consistent in every product and consistent with your brand’s vision too. To brand successfully, your cannabis business is important that you have a clear picture of who you want to deliver to and sympathy with them. 

This can be the difference between choosing one marijuana brand or the other. 

Be careful not to infringe on any legal statements. Be aware of all the regulations to market your products, ensure you are adding your packaging all age restrictions and precautions of your product, plus a clear fold-down of all of your product components. 

Once you have achieved a solid brand is time to market your products everywhere. Work on strategies like your social media, videos, influencer marketing, email marketing, collaborate with fellow businesses, make an event, and more. Tell us how you are doing! Any questions? Leave a comment for us!

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