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Placeit is a great app to create free iPhone mockups instantly. It’s as easy as adding your image – in seconds, Placeit will generate an iPhone mockup for you. Just choose the stage that fits your needs and upload your image or point Placeit to a URL. Our app will generate an impressive iPhone mockup in seconds, allowing you to preview your app or design in a modern, professional way.


This colorful image will allow you to do wonders for your app marketing campaign! The iPhone 6 mockup template features a young black woman using her white iPhone 6 in a portrait position. She seems to be at a nice kitchen or restaurant with a bright backdrop that lets your app stand out and steal the spotlight. Like this, Placeit offers more than 700 iPhone mockups and counting!

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Placeit has hundreds of iPhone mockups and we add new ones every day, all professionally shot and retouch to create photorealistic mockups to showcase your designs.

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