How is anyone going to remember you when you look and sound the same as everyone else? There are thousands upon thousands of product videos. This makes it difficult to stand out in a crowd. Even more so when everyone keeps overdoing the same things in every video.  Let’s try to stay away from these 5 overdone things in product videos.

#1 Ukulele Tune

Music is important in your video. It is proven to trigger memories. If you have a really good song in the background, people will inadvertently think of you when they hear it. There are far too many product videos that sound like they have the same exact soundtrack. Everyone is using the same bouncy, ukulele tune in the background and, after a while, they all start to blend together. You can also find the most commonly used tune here.

#2 Meet Pam…

Starting your videos with “meet (insert generic name here)” is so horribly cliche that it took us all 5 minutes to find these examples. It feels like you are just entering information into some sort of automatic video generator.

The video has been deleted.

#3 Cartoons

This may be the most inexpensive way to do a product video, but it is starting to become of the most overdone things in product videos. Usually, you have a flat design and similarly flat color schemes. The background will be a muted color; sometimes with a skyline. If you are going to do a cartoon, try to find a more interesting way to go about it.

#4  Saving You Time and Money

At some point the voice over will say “saving you time and money”. This is almost as bad as “meet Pam”. There shouldn’t be a need to say this. You should find different ways of implying it instead. It has gotten to a point where it just sounds lazy.

#5 Tone of Voice

Lastly, the tone used in the voiceover can make it sound like one of the bunchThere is a tendency to use the inflection of an adult talking to a child. Everyone is using the same cutesy tone to match the ukulele tune. You should avoid this tone, especially for longer videos.

Be Original!

If you want your product video to stand out, you need to avoid these overdone things in product videos. As a matter of fact, click here for a perfect template of the worst offender, so you can avoid doing the same. Using these things will make you disappear in a crowd of product videos when you need to stand out.  You are better off investing a little extra in your video for more original content than spending on one that gets forgotten.

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