Professional App Demo Video Templates for Fitness Apps

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Got a new Fitness App you’re trying to showcase to the world, but haven’t found the right marketing tool to do so? Then, it’s time for you to check out Placeit App Demo Video Templates and solve your problems right way! Use Demo Video Templates to advertise your app’s features within real-life context to your potential consumers and appeal to them instantly. To use Video Templates just upload your Demo Video on the device being displayed on the template and see how it looks! Demo Videos are a great visual asset to use as part of your marketing strategy when introducing a new app to the market, so don’t think about it twice and make them part of your app marketing campaign today! Here’s a list of 5 App Demo Video Templates for Fitness Apps from Placeit.

App Demo Video of Girl Preparing for Workout Routine with iPhone 6

Starting the day practicing something you enjoy is definitely the best way to boost your mood and gather enough energy to achieve daily tasks. This iPhone 6 app demo video shows a young woman who is getting ready to practice some early morning pilates before heading to the office. She just arrived at the fitness studio and she uses her black iPhone 6 to browse some meditation videos that will set up a relaxing mood. The video has great lighting and the storyline really provides a nice context in which you can display your new iOS app in an original way that will generate a positive impact on your app marketing campaign. Don’t picture it, record your app within this amazing app demo video and see for yourself! Once you download your amazing demo video with background music and maybe even some text to strengthen up the message, make sure to share it with the world, especially your potential users since they will be pleased to get a real insight on your app’s features.

App Demo Video of Young Woman Using Her iPhone 6 at the Gym

This iPhone 6 app demo video features a young woman who finally decided to hit the gym. It’s been a while since her athletic years back in college so she is taking it slow and starts off by the running machine. While warming up, she uses her white iPhone 6 in portrait position to browse fitness tips and routines to help her regain her condition. This is the perfect scenario in which you can display your new health & fitness iOS app or mobile responsive website. All you need to do is record your app and Placeit will adjust it to fit into the demo video, it will even add natural hand gestures to make the video seem authentic to your potential users, which will receive a great insight onto your app’s beautiful design and innovative features. Try it out right away! Using app demo videos as a part of your app marketing strategy will result in a broader (and cooler) share of your app.

App Demo Video of Man Working out While Using iPhone 6

Ninety eight. Ninety nine. One hundred. In a beautiful garden, a man works out and does pushups. He is focused. Determined. He then moves to the pull-ups bar, where he completes another long set. He then decides to take a short break and pulls out his iPhone 6. He looks at it and opens your app. He clicks through your best feature, then puts it away to continue his workout. This app demo video template would fit great with any fitness app, although you should consider it if you have a social app too. You can record your screen and generate a powerful app promo video in minutes. Placeit will add hand gestures to complete the realistic look, so you can use it in your app marketing strategy. The final video is HD and ready for direct upload to Youtube, your home page or for further editing in your NLE of choice.

IPhone 6 App Demo Video of Girl Preparing to Go Running

This Gold iPhone 6 app demo video presents a girl who is getting ready to go out on a run, just before leaving the house, she grabs her new Gold iPhone 6 to check on the weather and what will be her running route for the day, she likes to keep track of her mileage and speed so she is using a running app on her iPhone. You can record your own iOS app and place it in this engaging storyline to create an amazing video you will be able to share between coworkers, business partners and potential users of your app. By sharing your new app with this demo video you will enhance your app marketing strategy, give it a try! Placeit even adds natural hand gestures to ensure a genuine-looking video that will provide an insight on your app or mobile responsive website, its features and design.

Girl Is Having a Healthy Breakfast While Using iPad at the Office

This app demo video presents a young woman at a creative office, she is using her black iPad mini in landscape position to surf the web while having some healthy fruit for breakfast. This app demo video has bright lightning and she is wearing a nice blue sweater that makes her stand out, though the main focus of the video is the amazing iPad mini, which looks beautiful over that light wood desk, allowing your app to steal the spotlight as she is using it while eating her fruit; once she finds what she was looking for in the iPad, she moves it over and begins working on her desktop computer, it will be a productive day that started just right. By using app demo videos as a part of your online marketing strategy, you will be presenting your product or service in an original way that will include a context of your app being used at a real life situation. Besides, using Placeit to create app demo videos is the easiest thing! Just record your website or app and it will be adjusted to fit this scenario, try it out right away and see for yourself!

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