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The 5 Most Popular Stock Photo Personalities

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The 5 Most Popular Stock Photo Personalities

Visual content is king. 90 % of the information being transmitted to our brains is visual, which proves the importance of the right selection of stock photography for your mockups. A Nielsen Norman study shows that generic stock images are mostly ignored by viewers online.

We want pictures to say a thousand words, engage emotions and create desire. One picture should go straight to the heart and make your potential customers grab their wallet.

Who hasn’t come across the classic images of attractive laughing ladies eating salad?

But now, all facts aside, enjoy this list of the 5 most popular generic stock photo personalities. Advertisers, give these poor people a break!

The Everywhere Girl

It’s in the name. Jennifer Anderson, also known as “The Everywhere Girl”, is a model from the mid 90’s and the pathfinder of all stock photography models.

stock photo featuring everywhere girl

Her face might be new to you, but this young ‘college student’, who in real life hadn’t even gone to college, was the face of Dell, BBC, the US Navy, HP, Visa and Microsoft. Check out this video of the pioneer of all generic stock photo personalities sharing her story. However, if you are looking for a wide variety of back to school templates, we’ve got you covered!

Friendly Senior Business Guy

This “oldie but goodie” stock model sparkles with kindness. Our first instinct upon seeing his photos was to trust him with our darkest secrets. You come across him all over the web, representing a dentist, a stock broker or a senior business executive.

This thrustworty man has to shake a lot of hands!

Charming Jesper

Jesper Bruun is a male model specialized in stock photography. He is also the most downloaded and overexposed male stock photography personality in the world.

Whether you were aware or not, you’ve probably seen his charming smile on a website or a billboard.

He seems to be what marketers all around the globe consider the incarnation of joy of life, success, manliness and trust. He is probably too visible to be unique and original though.
Let’s give him his due: he is a “jack of all trades”, whether rocking the stage or sorting out a business plan.


Times Magazine even ran a piece on meeting “The World’s Most Downloaded Man”.

World’s most popular Call Center Girl

Typing ‘customer service’ on Google will reveal one of the most overexposed stock images. This young lady is Anne Sofie. She is so charming that she can’t ever get angry at a customer’s complaint. You just beg for her to answer your call.

How does she avoid burning out after answering all these calls?

Doing a reverse image search will show the surprising scope of how overused she is. Our number 2 top stock model even has her own lightbox on iStockphoto!

Kiss and tell fact: she is also usually in love with Jesper, performing open heart surgery or studying a Master’s degree.

All–rounder Ariane

Ariane seems to be the busiest stock photo personality of all time. She has been spotted advertising Google Adwords, promoting Weight Watchers, and on absolutely everything you’ve seen.

Ariane is so ubiquitous, she has probably entered your subconscious at some point. No one is tired of her; she rules over her stock photo brethren. Overexposed Ariane even has a Tumblr devoted to her imagery and a big fan club. Her resume is endless.

She literally has got a million dollar face but, let’s be honest, is it worth having the same spokesperson as everyone else?


Let’s keep it simple. If you choose pictures that actually grab customers’ attention, you can influence a purchase.

The photography we choose for our mockups should tell a story in line with our corporate image. Our society has become picky and they want marketers to diversify.

When using stock photography, you should think outside the box and search for ways to integrate imagery better with your specific design or selling proposition.

Next time you need professional and unique imagery for your product mockup, check out Placeit.

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