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iPhone Mockups for Your Social App Marketing

An iPhone mockup for your iPhone 6 game app is a unique, attention-grabbing marketing tool designed with your customer in mind. You have only seconds to stand out in the crowded marketplace and to leave an impeccable and memorable impression on your audience. Get caught looking your best by choosing the leader in-app marketing mockups. These new iPhone 6 mockups are the best marketing tool to achieve the polished and professional look your new iOS game app deserves or your awesome Insta website made with Milkshake app needs. Browse through this selection of 10 iPhone 6 mockups for your game and don’t hesitate to click on any that spark your interest. A custom mockup featuring your new iOS app is always only a click away. Check them out here now:

Girl Using a Black iPhone 6 at Colorful Lounge Mockup

iPhone Mockup of a Girl Using a Black iPhone 6 at Colorful Lounge Placeit Stage Image

Here’s a truly authentic scene from Placeit marketing tools you do not want to miss out on. This scene is energetic, dynamic and perfect for showing off your new iOS app. A young lady is holding out a black iPhone in portrait orientation so we can see your awesome new app she’s checking out, over a colorful rug in the background. She could be in a college, work or hospital lounge, but whatever she has on her agenda today, your iOS app is clearly an important part of her day. If you think this scene may work for you then don’t hesitate to create a custom mockup now. It’s fast and easy to do. Just upload a screenshot of your new iOS app onto the screen in the template or input the URL so Placeit can do it for you. Outstanding marketing appeal is only a click away when you choose Placeit marketing tools.

Mother and Son Bonding at the Park with iPhone 6 Mockup

Are you looking for an amazing template to show off your app? Imagine how great your site would look, in a scene where a mother and child are enjoying your app, on a beautiful, sunny day in the park! If you like the sound of that, then this heartwarming template of a mother and son bonding over an iPhone 6, is perfect for you. You can use this template to showcase your family and kid-friendly app or mobile responsive website. The position of the iPhone 6 is perfectly angled, so you can upload your own image. You simply need to drag a screenshot or logo from your site and place over the iPhone 6 screen. Then suddenly, that adorable little boy is smiling up at your site. It’s that easy! By using this mockup template from Placeit’s mockups, you can demonstrate your product in a way that’s both personal and professional.

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iPhone 6 on a Ping Pong Table With Beers Mockup

This awesome iPhone 6 mockup is set on a ping pong table that has been set up to play an exciting round of beer pong. The iPhone 6 lays between the iconic red party cups and bottles of beer. Nearby, a bright orange ping pong ball rests on the table. The two bottles of beer are brown and green. One of the red cups lays on its side. The iPhone 6 mockup holds a screenshot of 750x1334px. This is perfect for a social app.

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Man Relaxing With His Feet Up While Using an iPhone 6 Mockup

Placeit has created this eye-catching stock photo mockup template to showcase your new iOS app in a handsome and professional scene. Check it out! It cleverly features a young man relaxing with his feet up while using his white iPhone 6 smartphone in portrait position to explore your new iOS app. It’s the perfect frame to showcase your new app. Look casual and relatable yet sophisticated with this stock photo. The only thing missing in this scene is your new iOS app. Placeit app marketing software is always convenient to use so do not hesitate to see this one its best with a custom mockup. Simply upload your own screenshot onto the iPhone screen or input the URL so Placeit can do it for you. Connect to your consumers at a glance and bring this expertly designed scene to life today.

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White iPhone 6 with Different Background Options Mockup

This is a great mockup template to add to your iOS app marketing strategy! This stock photo template will allow you to display your app’s screenshot within the beautiful white iPhone 6 in portrait position. All you need to do is drag and drop an image straight into the screen and Placeit will adjust it for you. Once you see your image on the device, go ahead and try out all the background scenarios you have available at your right, you have tons of options to pick the best atmosphere for your app! This is a great way to showcase your iOS app’s design and features in a clever way that will draw attention, especially because Placeit will allow you to edit the image after creating it, so it is super easy for you to add text to the stock photo and transform it into an engaging visual tool for your app marketing campaign. Go ahead and try this iPhone 6 stock photo template right away!

Elderly Man Using iPhone 6 Plus at Home Mockup

Did you create a new iOS app and are finally ready to put your marketing plan into action? Placeit knows you’ve worked hard in the development and you deserve marketing tools that work equally as hard to create eye-catching and lasting impressions on your potential consumers. This Placeit iPhone 6 Plus mockup template is expertly designed with your target market in mind. Here we have an elderly gentleman holding a black iPhone 6 Plus in portrait position and checking out your new iOS app. He’s so happy he’s found it; your cool app truly makes his leisurely days brighter. See it come to life with a custom mockup today. Simply drag and drop a screenshot of your iOS app directly onto the iPhone 6 Plus or click on the “Grab Screenshot From URL” button above the photo and type in the URL as prompted so Placeit can do it for you. Whether it’s a new brain training game, health record organizer or coupon generator iOS app you’ve created, this template frames it perfectly.

Friends at a Burger and Beer Restaurant with Friends and an iPhone 6 Mockup

It has been a tough week at the office, but finally, these young professionals learned they were promoted due to their hard work and effort, that kind of news definitely deserves some celebration beers and even gourmet burgers! This is a delightful iPhone 6 mockup in which your new iOS app or mobile responsive website would really stand out from the background. You can choose to showcase your app within this iPhone 6 at Lunch Scene Mockup Generator for a great context that will allow you to display your app’s new design and innovative features to potential users and clients, go ahead and try it out right away.

Girl Using her iPhone 6 Plus Featuring a Colorful Tile Wall Mockup

This attractive stock photo mockup from Placeit marketing tools features a look over a young girl’s shoulder at your new iOS app on her black iPhone 6 Plus smartphone she holds in portrait position. A colorful tiled wall and white coffee cup on a wooden table fade into the background and really set the scene to appeal to your specific target market. Classic charm meets modern technology and your app is the star at the center of this relatable scene. There are so many ways to make this on your own, so see how it’ll look with your iOS app on the iPhone 6 Plus now with a custom mockup. It’s fast and easy to use Placeit’s app marketing software. Just upload a screenshot of your new app onto the template or input the URL so Placeit can do it for you. Get the attention you deserve with this compelling stock photo mockup today.

Portrait White iPhone 6 with Different Backgrounds Mockup

This is an amazing iPhone 6 PNG Mockup in which you will be able to display your new iOS app or mobile responsive website as a part of your app marketing campaign. Go ahead and show off how amazing your features and design are! The image presents a white iPhone 6 in portrait position, perfect to display your new iOS app; all you need to do is drag and drop a screenshot of your app directly into the iPhone 6 screen and Placeit will adjust it for you to deliver a clean and professional PNG image you will be able to use for promoting your app. Try using iPhone stock photo templates like these and enhance your app’s visibility on the App Store.

Girl Sitting Cross Legged and Using her iPhone Mockup

Are you looking for a creative and effective way to market your new iOS app? This stock photo mockup template has an awesome vibe and will absolutely capture the attention of your target market instantly. It features a young girl wearing blue jeans and sitting with her legs crossed on a blue carpet while holding her black iPhone in portrait position to explore your new app. The powerful top shot perspective creates an intimate connection to your consumer yet the scene is ambiguous enough to appeal to every target market. Choose this true to life scenario and see this scene come to life with a custom mockup starring your iOS app now. Just upload a screenshot of your new app onto iPhone in the template or input the URL so Placeit can do it for you. Take your marketing strategy to a professional level today with Placeit marketing tools.
These iPhone 6 Mockups for your iPhone game are just a few in our ever-growing gallery of 1000+ marketing videos and mockups all specially designed to make you stand out in the crowd. See bold, innovative, relatable and attractive scene brought to life with your respective app. The only way these iPhone mockups could look any better is with your iOS app expertly placed within the iPhone 6 screens, so try one on for size now.
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